Florida Man August 5 – Mowing Under The Influence

Florida man August 5, Today we will answer the age old question, Can I get a DUI on a lawnmower. The answer may not surprise you.

Florida Man! He is the superhero that no one asked for, and frankly that no one wants. In fact, a superhero might be a powerful word to describe this collection of stupid men who do things that shock the mind. Today we are going to look at Florida Man tales from August 5. If today is your birthday, we are sorry if you regret that after reading these stories.

Florida Man August 5, 2018, The Strip Tease that No One Asked For

A man at a Japanese restaurant approached a couple who was eating and not disturbing anyone else. The couple was quite surprised and unprepared when Florida Man started to perform a striptease in the restaurant. We were surprised that Florida Man was drunk because this sounds like something that he would do sober.

Florida Man threatened to fight the man in the couple when the woman asked him to stop. Pinellas County Sheriff arrived and arrested the male on disorderly conduct.

The bail set for Florida Man was only $150. For the sake of everyone’s eyes, can we put the bail higher? That is what we thought until we realized that if his job is stripping and people are disgusted with him, he probably can’t make a $150 bail.

Florida Man August 5, 2020, You Can Still Get A DUI on a Lawnmower

The Florida Man, in this case, has a history of DUI charges. Before this story, he had three DUI charges. A Marion County Deputy found Florida Man driving a lawnmower down a busy street on August 5, 2020. The Deputy followed him for a little bit before pulling him over.

When pulled over, Lawnmower Florida Man said he had a couple of drinks. His main question, though, was whether he was going to jail or not. He failed the sobriety tests, and when asked to repeat them, he just wanted to go back to prison.

Final Thoughts

The world is a prominent place, but people this stupid only come out of Florida for some reason. Driving a lawnmower while drunk does sound like something Florida Man would do, but it also could be anywhere in the South. As for the failed striptease, that is totally Florida Man. We are sorry if you share a day with this man’s antics. Don’t let it reflect on you.

img src: https://floridaman.com/drives-lawnmower-on-highway/

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