Florida Man August 1 – Riding In Style

August 1 was another busy day for Florida man. He started the month strong and really set the bar high for the rest of the month.

August 1 comes at you with a collection of Florida Man stories that would blow your mind if they happened in any other state. In the case of Florida, these are just stories of some of the things that happen in Florida on a daily. If August 1 is your birthday, do you identify with any of these stories?

Florida Man August 1, 2018 – Gator Goes For a Beer Run

On August 1, 2018, a Florida Man took a friend with him for a beer run. Unlike everywhere globally, he takes a different kind of man’s best friend, an alligator, with him. As soon as he walked into the store, he could be heard asking if the store was out of beer.

As the man proceeded to the back of the store with his alligator under his arm, he finds another person in the store asking if he is taking the last of the beer. He gets closer and closer to the man with his alligator before grabbing a six-pack. Did somebody call the cops? No, everyone in the store was just laughing.

Two men have been arrested in regards to this beer run. Just another day with your household pet in Florida, right? Good thing for everyone the alligator wasn’t any bigger.

Florida Man August 1, 2020 – Riding The Semi

Usually, when you hear of someone riding any kind of vehicle, you imagine it being in a seat designed for riding. Florida Man, of course, invents a new way to ride cars. On August 1, 2020, Florida Man climbed onto the hood of a semi-truck and clung on as it drove 9 miles down the highway.

While the semi-truck drove he bashed the windshield with his fists. Pictures and video of this crazy incident can be found around the internet, and you can see that the windshield has definite marks from where he hit it.

Apparently, this all happened after Florida Man began acting strangely and climbed out of the vehicle that he was usually in. He then climbed onto a semi and refused to let go. The semi-driver doesn’t do what an average person would and doesn’t stop driving for 9 miles. Florida Man on the hood knew that he f***ed up and asked for passing motorists to call the police.

After police arrived, they got the man into custody and found him bloodied from the adventure. Due to the very abnormal behavior, he was involuntarily brought to the hospital.

Final Thoughts

August 1 started the month off at a relatively high bar for Florida Man stories. See what else happened in August with Florida Man. And we apologize if this is your birthday, you are starting off with some wild Florida Man stories.

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