Florida Man August 18 2023: This One Is NUTS

Come find out what wild things Florida man was doing on August 18 in this highlight post. These stories are not for the faint of heart.

I happened to get into the Florida man meme recently and decided to go ahead and look up my birthday August 18.

I had heard these articles could be shocking, but I had no idea just how NUTS they could be. Here a few highlights from Florida man on my Birthday, August 18.

Florida Man August 18, 2022

A resident of Florida died when he forced his way into a house, carrying a machete, and attempted to get into bed with the inhabitant.

Police in Fruitville, Florida, responded to a 911 call on Thursday morning when a homeowner sleeping in an apartment connected to his home reported a man in the unit was sharpening a machete with a baseball bat, as reported by the local news.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office sent their deputies to the location.

The caller to 911 reported that someone had broken into their home, brandishing a machete and appearing to be disturbed.

An individual hailing from Pennsylvania was apprehended after allegedly purchasing body parts from an Arkansas woman who is facing charges for thieving them.

Upon the victim’s 911 call, law enforcement officers reached the apartment and discovered the suspect armed with a machete.

The 911 operators were informed by the inhabitant of the house that the intruder had woken them up and uttered the words, “I love you.”

The homeowner recounted a strange experience of waking up with a man beside them, declaring their love, while holding their machete. They expressed relief at the fast response time of the authorities.
Four of the deputies entered an apartment unit and the occupant slashed one of them with a machete, which caused a severe injury, reported the police.

The representative of the sheriff’s office stated that the injuries were severe but not life-threatening, imploring to God that the person does not suffer the loss of any fingers or their hand.

The suspect was then shot by two of the deputy officers, and was officially declared dead afterwards.

The Aftermath

The spokesperson lamented, “This was a terrible conclusion to an already terrible circumstance.”

The deputy sustained a wound on the hand from the machete that necessitates surgical intervention, but it is not life-threatening.

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Florida Man August 18, 2019

Like I said before, some of these stories are nuts. However, this one is in a literal way.

On August 18, 2019, a Florida man was arrested for performing a botched castration on another man.

The man had set up an impromptu operating room in his Highland county home. He had acquired his own medical equipment, some painkillers, and of course, a camera for the surgery.

The men had met on a website for men with a eunuch fetish.

Police responded to the scene after a 911 hang-up call. Upon arrival, the amateur surgeon greeted police at the door and filled them in on the botched surgery

When police entered the house, they found a bleeding man wrapped in a towel with a container close by containing the injured man’s testicles.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital and survived the surgery. However, the surgeon was taken to the local jail.

In a shocking revelation, it was revealed that this was not his first time. He had performed a castration in a hotel which resulted in a hospitalization. Unfortunately, the incident was never reported to the police.

August 18, 2019

This Florida man story takes place in the same year as the castration incident. I found some others, but they included harming animals, so I chose not to include them.

This story serves as a potent reminder to never take relationship advice from a Florida man. Not that that is something that really needs to be said.

A Florida man was arrested for criminal mischief on August 18. The crime was dumping a tractor load of dirt on his girlfriend’s car, with her inside the vehicle.

The incident began with the man’s girlfriend visiting him at his job site. However, the visit turned ugly, and the couple got into a heated argument.

The argument came to an abrupt ending when the man dumped a load of dirt on the Cadillac his girlfriend was driving. Unfortunately, the car did not even belong to his girlfriend.

He was taken to jail. Later the man was released on a thousand-dollar bond.


These guys should meet, It may make Florida a little safer if they provided their services to each other. If you’re born on August 5, you will definitely love to read what Florida Man August 5 did that day. If you have a crazy Florida man story or would like me to write a summary for your birthday please leave them in the comments below.

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