Florida Man June 20

Florida Man June 20

Florida Man June 20 brings us three great stories that are everything you would expect out of Florida.

Throughout history Florida Men have been up to all kinds of hijinx, whether they are criminal or just plain weird, they have been enjoyed by many of us. Have a look at some of the things that Florida Man has done on June 20.

Florida Man June 20 – The “Clean” Breakup

Turns out you probably shouldn’t date a Florida Man.

On June 20 Florida Man and his girlfriend broke up. As you might expect it didn’t go too well.

When the Florida Man, Richard Lewis, returned to the home that he had shared with his ex to retrieve his belongings. He decided that he was going to get in a fight with her. His ex managed to get to the kitchen and get a knife. 

Florida Man left for a while but waited outside of the home for about 40 minutes in a storm. When he had enough of waiting, Florida Man decided to punch out the window on the door and get back inside.

He trashed the home and bleached all of his ex’s clothes. In addition to bleaching her clothes, Florida Man put bleach in her juice and pickles in an attempt to poison her.

The attempt to poison his ex almost worked. However, she immediately noticed that something tasted wrong in the pickle juice she attempted to drink.

Police arrested Florida Man on numerous charges and brought him to jail. A judge denied the man bail, probably a good idea. Based on what happened, we are guessing that he probably would go after his ex again.

Florida Man June 20 – Computer Scammer

If you have ever wondered about those computer repair scams, it turns out Florida Man has been behind at least some of them.

A Florida business had a weird package of cash arrive at their business under a different name. They turned the package over to the police. However, on the same day, a man came to the store to pick up the package.

When police arrived back at the store they found a man identified only as Thibou.

Florida Man attempted to explain the package and provide a fake name but that didn’t last long. They were able to get the man to admit to his name and the crime.

It turns out Florida Man was part of a chain that was scamming people by making them think their computer was being repaired.

He reported that the chain/group that he was working with was scamming people around the country. The person that he had been receiving money from was in California.

Florida Man June 20 – Stomach full of Weed

Police confronted a Florida Man carrying a 40 caliber pistol on June 20. The police took the pistol and arrested the Florida Man.

This was probably a good thing because we have seen what Florida Man gets up to with guns. 

When getting to the jail, an x-ray at the jail revealed that Florida Man was packing more than just the pistol.

Florida Man had hidden a baggy of weed by eating it, hoping the police wouldn’t find it. A small baggy of weed probably wouldn’t have been anywhere near as big of a charge as carrying an illegal weapon. However, he decided to hide the weed anyways.


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