Florida Man September 26 – Sword Weilding Weirdo

Florida Man September 26 - Sword Weilding Weirdo

Florida man September 26 brings us 2 stories that show us the little things that makes Florida so “charming”

As usual, we want to tell you the stories of what Florida Man did on September 26. From a bizarre event related to a katana and a cart to a midnight confrontation with a giant alligator. See the full news below:

Florida Man September 26 – Arrested for Chasing a Jogger With A Katana

Oakland, Florida. – On September 26 police arrested a Florida for attacking a jogger with a katana after a fight over a wheelbarrow found within a pile of trash.

The Florida Man in question is Curtis Miller (54). Police took him into custody after he chased his neighbor using a katana, a type of samurai sword. Police charged him with attempted murder. 

A surveillance camera captured all of the events. The footage shows Miller chasing a jogger, his own neighbor named Tood Beavers, with a sword in his hands while trying to pull a wheelbarrow away from him.

When interviewed by the news media, the jogger said that he saw Miller put out his sword and was really surprised about it.

He thought the whole event was pretty stupid. He couldn’t believe that his neighbor was going to kill him for a cart.

What sparked Miller’s anger was the sight of Beavers who spotted the wheelbarrow. They spotted the thing almost at the same time in the trash.

Miller thought that cart was his because he saw it first. The jogger, however, thought differently. 

After pulling the cart out of the trash pile, Beavers headed straight home. When only a few meters to his house, he realized that Miller had been following him the whole time.

He kept running in fear, noticing that Miller had a sword in his hands. 

In the end, the cart wasn’t Beavers’. From a surveillance camera, it was seen that a woman took the cart out of Beaver’s home.

She claimed the cart was hers, which the man stole from her when she was having a garage sale. 

Florida Man September 26, 2021 – Bitten By a Gigantic Alligator in The Middle of The Night

Sarasota County, Florida.: A Florida man was bitten by a gigantic, seven-foot alligator while walking around a motel.

A Florida man mistook a giant alligator for a dog. This happened to be a fairly costly mistake.

It happened after midnight, at around 12:45 am. The 49 years old man was walking around the motel and noticed a movement in the bushes.

He thought it was a dog at first. Turns out, it was a giant alligator. Although he was bitten, the wound wasn’t fatal.

Responding to this event, the animal experts said that this alligator’s attack is rare.

Although there are more than a million alligators living in Florida, seeing them making contact with humans is not common. As stated by the experts, the chance is roughly 1 in 3.1 million cases.

Final Thoughts

And those are the events for Florida man September 26. Where else can you find a sword-wielding weirdo and a midnight motel alligator attack?

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