Florida August 12 – It Just Keeps Getting Weirder

August 12 Florida Man

Florida Man keeps providing us with plenty of entertaining stories for every day of the week, and August 12 is one of those days.

No matter what day of the year there are plenty of shocking stories to hear. Today we are going to take a look at Florida Man encounters from August 12. If August 12th was your birthday, buckle up.

Florida Man August 12, 2016 – Twerking In The Name of The Law

With the simple hilarity of this story, we had to start off with this one. On August 12, 2016, Florida Man decided that he had to give a demonstration while in court, one that would go down in the judge’s book of weirdest occurrences in her courtroom.

Florida Man was up for having his case heard in front of a judge in bond court. His case was for having a stolen a car from the parking lot of a high school. It is also important to know that Florida Man in this case was 30 years old.

In front of the judge, Florida Man stood up and started to twerk. While he twerked he yelled at the judge, asking her “how you doing”. The courtroom laughed, everyone except for the judge.

Twerking for the judge didn’t end up being the right route to go. Instead, he was put on bond at $18,500. His charges included petty theft, third-degree grand theft auto, burglary in an occupied dwelling, and trespassing in a school zone. He was ordered to never return to the school again.

Florida Man August 12, 2019 – Worst Ninja Ever

Florida Man is constantly trying to outdo himself and this story is no different. On August 12, Florida Man caused a scene that included a lot of ridiculousness.

It is a good story to show that you should never trust Florida Man with anything that could be considered dangerous.

When Larry Darnell Adams neighbors became noisy he attempted to take care of the disturbance the only way a good Florida man would, with nunchucks and cockroach spray.

Larry Adams started a verbal altercation with his neighbors, all of them women. All of the neighbors refused to be intimidated and stood their ground.

Florida Man decided that the verbal altercation was not enough. He then pulled out some cockroach spray and started to spray the women in the face.

Afterward, he decided to pull out nunchucks and swing them around to intimidate the women. However, the Florida man should have taken more lessons in how to use the nun-chucks.

The only thing that was hurt by the display of his martial art skills was his ego after he managed to club himself in the head with the nunchucks.

The charges against the Florida Man are obviously quite serious. We do think that Florida Man dished out some of his own punishment though, hitting himself in the head must have been pretty embarrassing.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man had some interesting encounters on August 12. While they were serious, they also came with a fair amount of hilarity. If August 12 is your birthday, learn from these stories. You can do much better than these Florida Men.

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