Hawaii with the Kids: Top Tips to Make Your Vacation Magical

Hawaii with the Kids: Top Tips to Make Your Vacation Magical

Hawaii can be an incredible destination for kids. It’s full of exciting things to do, see, and explore. You’ve got world-class beaches, hikes, entertainment and yes, food. It’s truly an incredible place to bring your family together, especially older kids that can manage full days without naps.

If you’re toying with the idea of planning a family-fun vacation to Hawaii, do it. There’s truly something for everyone, and so many islands and things to do that no one will be bored during this trip.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry. This guide will see you through the planning process:

Your Family Resort

Family resorts can range from family-style rooms and suites, to standard resorts that pack a lot of value in one area. Ideally, you’ll also want your resort to be in a walkable part of town, like Waikiki. A top Waikiki resort gives you access to beaches, Hawaiian music and dance, a Kids Club, pools, arts and crafts, lei making, and so much more. With so much organized directly through your resort, you can skip a lot of the stress of planning and even save while you’re at it.

Being in a walkable part of town is also crucial, since it saves you transportation time and costs. Instead of fighting traffic, you can instead just enjoy!

Take Part in Cultural Experiences

There are so many fun classes for the whole family that teach tourists how to dance the hula, how to make a lei, and more. These classes may even be available in your resort itself, so you don’t even need to go far to get your kids engaged and learning.

For the best experiences, however, go to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu. There are more authentic classes available that will help kids learn about Polynesian and Hawaiian culture. As a bonus, you’ll be helping the indigenous community!

Visit the Many Museums

There are so many museums and similar institutions around Hawaii. You can explore a submarine at Pearl Harbor, can visit the Waikiki Aquarium, go to the Honolulu Zoo, and more. One of the most impressive of these museums is by far the Maui Ocean Center. This ocean center is home to a massive 750,000 gallon water tank. Part of it includes a tunnel where you’re surrounded by manta rays and sharks.

Get Outdoors

By far one of the best things that you can do together as a family is just enjoy nature. You can book tours, such as a horseback riding tour, a boat tour, and so on. Or you can just head out on your own. You can go have a picnic, follow the paths along a great hike, or just enjoy the many stunning beaches. Each island has its own appeal, with some offering sweeping beaches, and others rugged coastlines. Of course, a true highlight is to see a live volcano. There are several, with Kilauea the most active (though recently it’s less active than it was just a few years ago).

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