Monthly Contact Lenses – Freedom to Change your Personality

Contact Lenses

We career women love changing our look and with clip-on extensions, we can switch from short to long hair in the blink of an eye and with disposable colored contacts, you can coordinate your wardrobe and keep people guessing!

How does it work?

A leading Malaysian company offers silicone hydrogel disposable monthly contact lenses and with a wide range of colors, you can change your look and keep people guessing. Check out their eye-catching range of shades to compliment your look and plan your schedule to include a few colors. Start by visiting the supplier’s website to view the amazing colors and learn more about contact lenses and care instructions.

Daily care

When wearing silicone hydrogel contacts, you need to cleanse them every night in a special solution, which hydrates as well as cleanses. If you would like to explore the potential that colored contacts offers, search online for a leading KL supplier and take their unique personality test to help you with color selection.

Clear prescription contacts

As well as offering colored contacts and non-prescription solutions, you can order regular clear prescription contacts.

Non-prescription contacts

If you have perfect eyesight and would love to change eye color at will, non-prescription contacts are a great way to change your personality without impacting your eyesight.

Here are some of the amazing shades on offer;

  • Gin grey
  • Gin brown
  • Peony grey
  • Cocktail grey
  • Tropical grey/brown

Free personality test

When you visit the website of a leading Malaysian contact lens supplier, you can take their free personality test to discover things about yourself that you were unaware of. Knowing more about yourself helps you to choose a contact lens color that blends perfectly with your outfit. Not only that, there are other fashion aspects that can benefit from a free personality test, plus it is a whole lot of fun.

Transform your look

Monthly colored contacts allow you to switch looks; some girls have numerous sets that enable them to switch at will and while a few people will instantly notice the difference, most will not be able to identify what it is about you that is different, but they will notice a change in how you look.

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