Florida Man September 4

Florida Man September 4

Florida Man September 4 is full of surprises. The fourth day of September clearly shows us why Florida man has become so infamous. If this is your birthday you will not want to miss this.

Florida Man September 4, 2020 – Florida Man Arrested After His Baby Daughter Swallowed Heroin

MELBOURNE, Fla. —Police charged a Florida man with child negligence after his daughter swallowed heroin accidentally, of course.

Based on the information obtained from WFTC, Nathaniel Clay (28) told the corresponding Melbourne Fire Department team that his 16-month daughter had swallowed the drug.

Quickly reacting to the statement, they took the daughter to the hospital immediately to receive the correct medical treatment.

Police conducted a field test and identified the substance found on the daughter’s shirt as heroin.

Well, according to the authorities, this happened during a visit to an associate in another part of the city. Clay, however, didn’t respond to this very well. He threatened the associate if he told anyone about this.

Not long after, officers arrested Clay for child neglect.

Florida Man September 4, 2021 – Florida Man Twerks on Traffic Stop, For The Officers

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. – While surely most of us would like to cooperate with the police during an event like this, this man thought about something way different.

This twerking wasn’t done by some teenage girls, as we may usually expect. Instead, it was Richard Wolfe, a 57 years old Florida Man from Crystal River.

During the traffic stop on a rainy day, he bent over, put his hands on the cold, wet floor, and started twerking. Of course, this displeased all the officers around.

The person who recorded this event captured the whole event of Wolfe twerking while saying, “What are you scared of,”. Not a good image to imagine, right?

However, after the “performance”, Wolfe then turned into officers while taking his knife, stating, “ got knives; you got a gun!”. With no intention of using it, he threw the knife into nearby bushes.

After making several attempts to hold and calm Wolfe down, the corresponding officer then tased him and walked away. A witness caught everything from the twerk, knife, and tasing on the video.

Police then charged Wolfe with resisting an officer, but without violence, resisting law enforcement, and reckless driving. A judge set the bond at $3,500.

Florida Man September 4, 2019 – Florida Man Used His Kitchen for a Garage.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As a result of a certain challenge, a Florida Man has successfully parked his car in the kitchen flawlessly.

The event started with a light challenge between a couple. “Can a Car Fit Into This Kitchen?”. And yes, it definitely can.

The Florida man here is Patrick Eldridge, who parked his medium-sized car in his kitchen to keep it away from Hurricane Dorian. Of course, this wasn’t unplanned.

Aside from keeping the car safe, he also wanted to prove a point to his partner that the car could fit in this very unusual place to park.

Jessica Eldridge, his wife, said that the car was parked in the garage. But in order to avoid the job of cleaning all the possible mess after the hurricane, the husband proposed the idea of putting it within the house. And what’s a more proper place than the kitchen?

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, 3 more prime examples of what makes Florida such a crazy state to live in. Make sure to check out some of our other posts on the craziness of the sunshine state.

If you would like to know how Florida man celebrated your birthday, leave the date in the comments below

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