Something for Everyone – Food Options in Singapore

Singapore is a treasure trove for the international tourist, especially when it comes to food, as Singapore incorporates a fusion of many different cuisines, making it a truly unique gastronomic experience for all that experience it. 

We have listed some of the best dishes that you can find in hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

  • Hainanese chicken with rice – Steamed chicken that is marinated in delicious chicken stock and a sweet spicy sauce to pour over the chicken. There are several restaurants in Orchard Road that serve a daily Halal lunch buffet in Singapore and once you have sampled this dish, you will want to repeat the experience.
  • Chilli crab – Made with hard shell crab in a semi-thick tomato paste sauce that has to be sampled to appreciate, and even though the sauce is made from chilli, it is not considered to be spicy. The Singaporean way to enjoy this dish is with freshly baked French bread, which is truly a delicious combination.
  • Laksa – A fusion between Malay and Chinese cuisine, this is a spicy coconut cream soup with shrimp, fish cakes, egg and chicken. Laksa has numerous variants and the most popular is Katong Laksa, which is a spicy version. Cockles and tofu puffs are added as a final decoration.
  • Char Kuay Teow – Thick white noodles fried in black soya sauce, with beansprouts, fish cakes, clams and Chinese sausage. This dish can be enjoyed at streetside stalls and fancy restaurants and most have their own unique special of this dish.
  • BBQ Stingray – One of the most popular dishes prepared by street vendors; the classic dish is marinated in a thick sambal sauce with diced tomatoes, chilli and shrimp paste are integral ingredients of this unique dish. The fish is wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked slowly and with many condiments, you can experiment for additional flavours. Click here for how to create a party ambience.
  • Fish head curry – A firm favourite with the working class, a very spicy dish with a huge fish head marinating in a curry sauce, lots of lime squeezed adds a sour taste. Locals will order this late at night and slowly let the fish marinate, adding curry and eating it with bread. You simply must try this one while you are in Singapore and leave a comment and image on your Instagram page.
  • Pork Satay – Pork on bamboo sticks grilled on a hot BBQ, with a delicious peanut sauce and chilli and cucumber salad that is very spicy. Partly Malay, partly Thai and partly Indonesian, this fusion is sold everywhere on the streets as well as in top-rated restaurants. This makes for a great brunch or a late-night snack and there are many special recipes that the locals are secretive about, peanut sauce with secret ingredients.

One of the great things about Singapore is the fusion of food and whether you are there for a few days or a few months, you can enjoy exploring the culinary delights that are available everywhere.

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