Florida Man October 1 – Sir, That’s a Taco

Florida Man October 1

Florida man October 1 brings us 3 crazy stories that are funny, bizarre, and spine-chilling! 

From a crazy ride in the hood to a 10-year-old murder confrontation, let’s look at stories of what Florida Man did on October 1. 

Florida Man October 1 – The Taco ID

Florida Man, Matthew Falkner learned that a taco is not an ID the hard way when his car engine caught fire after he passed out in a Taco Bell drive-thru in Jensen Beach. 

On October 1, a Florida man allegedly decided to run for a fourth meal after a few beers. He drove his Chevy pickup to Taco Bell, placed his order, and got his taco before passing out.

Because Falkner was unable to wake up and was causing a backup of customers, the Taco Bell management had to contact the police.

The Taco Bell management mentioned, “We feel bad for the people who had to wait so long to get their late-night snacks because it is obvious that this was not a victimless crime.”

After waking the Florida man, a deputy demanded his ID. Florida Man replied “no,” then gave a taco to the officer from his backpack. The deputy clarified they were requesting a valid ID, not a taco! Hearing that, the Florida man grinned as he bit into the taco.

A breath test revealed that Falkner’s blood alcohol level was between 227 and 225. That is three times the allowable amount.

Police arrested the man for DUI and took him to jail. The remaining taco’s fate is unknown. 

Florida Man October 1 – A Ride in the Hood

On October 1st, Police detained a Miami woman for driving a car with a Florida man in the hood.

A stunned onlooker caught the horrifying act on camera and attempted to urge her to stop.

Junior Frances was the Florida man in the hood, according to CNN. He claimed that the entire time, he was terrified. Patricia Isidore, the woman driving the vehicle, who claimed that he wouldn’t leave her alone, was the Florida man’s girlfriend.

Francis claimed that his girlfriend had repeatedly abused him the night before. He stated that he was attempting to prevent her from leaving their shared home by getting into the car.

When the Florida man refused to exit the car, Isidore made a U-turn and pulled over to let him out. For the next 19 kilometers, a Florida man held onto the car’s hood.

She first refused to stop the car despite drivers calling her to do so.

In the end, police detained her and accused her of criminal negligence.

Florida Man October 1

Florida Man October 1 – Florida Man Admits 10-Year-Old Murder

On October 1, The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office witnessed this surprising occurrence. A Florida man entered the sheriff’s office calmly and admitted to killing a woman ten years prior. He was telling the police that he was ready to turn himself in because he could not bear the guilt. The sheriff’s deputies detained him.

Benjamin Moulton, 43, admitted to murdering Nicole Scott in 2011. Florida man said that he killed Nicole due to temper rage. Moulton discussed information about the late Scott’s death that police never made public. He told the sheriff’s deputies that he could no longer bear the guilt and wanted to surrender.

The Florida man fully recounted nearly every detail of the murder that was unknown.

The sheriff’s office video shows Moulton being hit by a car in front of the sheriff’s office. He exits the vehicle and enters the sheriff’s office with a bottle of alcohol.

Laboratory investigations revealed that the deceased Scott’s body had been thrown into the wooded region days earlier. Moulton was one of the suspects in Scott’s demise. However, Moulton was never a direct participant in the crime and could not be detained.

Police charged Moulton with first-degree murder after turning himself in on his own to the sheriff’s office years later on October 1st, 2021.

Final Thoughts

And now we end with 3 bizarre things Florida man did on October 1. If you want more, check out some of our other posts on the crazy state.

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