The Florida Man Meme

the Florida man meme

The Florida man meme took the internet by storm by posting crazy things men in Florida caught doing. Keep in mind that police records in Florida are public and are available to anyone. Taking advantage of this law, one man started posting the Florida man meme and finally gained popularity by spreading it worldwide in 2013.

Florida has a diverse population and is home to 21.9 million individuals. It is pretty easy to find crazy/funny ways men have broken the law with such a massive crowd. While some blame the weather in Florida, others understand it is their open police report policy. They are allowing anyone to access facts and figures from the comfort of their home.

The Florida Man Meme: How It All Started

The Florida Man meme started floating around Twitter in February 2013. A Twitter account @_FloridaMan first posted it. The account holder using the social media platform to highlight the bizarre ways men in Florida broke the law. These posts had one thing in common, they all started with “Florida man.” For instance, posts read, “Florida Man who supposedly threatened a family with Coldplay lyrics ends resistance after the SWAT team promises him a pizza.”.

Since then, we have seen thousands of news bloopers that started with “Florida Man” followed by something downright bizarre. While it might have happened somewhere else in the world, we will never know.

Florida State Reputation

Florida already had a vibrant reputation on the internet, even before the meme. Web pages dedicated to the wild and crazy antics going on in Florida have been around long before the meme. Creating The Florida Man memes, users just gave a funny twist to the already circling news.

How Much Fame Did The Florida Man Meme Get?

The Florida man meme gained so much popularity over the years that it started to pop up everywhere.

The Florida man meme made its television premiere on an opening episode of the FX show Atlanta. The scene featured a collection of Florida man stories.

In 2018, Desi Lydic from The Daily Show filed a complaint (comedically) as a way to investigate the happenings of Florida Man.

Michael Presley Bobbit showcased a theater play titled “Florida Man” in July 2019. The Florida man play was shown at the New York Theater Row Studios.

In 2019 a joke started passing around on social media that one should look up “Florida Man” along with their birthday and find out what kind of crazy had happened on that day. The trend was so popular that millions of online users followed it.

When President Trump decided to move his primary residence from NY to Palm Beach, Florida, there were many jokes about Trump turning into a “Florida man”. This thought became a source of amusement and was published by many leading online newspapers and followed by endless ideas on how Trump would conduct himself and what his headlines would read.

Final Thoughts

Even though The Florida Man meme started years ago, we still see the news coming forward using the same text. One of the main reasons it is such a hot choice is that it has gained popularity worldwide. It has gotten to a point where Florida now is considered a crazy state. Not just for Americans but also for individuals who keep up with the news.

While the memes were first published as a joke, that does not mean Florida man did not commit a crime. While some laugh at the stupidity of these men, others wonder about the reason behind their insane actions.

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