Florida Man October 2 – Bad Old Man

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Florida Man October 2 brings us a compilation of nasty that would astound you if they occurred in
other states. Today, let’s look at two terrifying occurrences in Florida. We apologize if you regret
having a birthday today after reading these tales.

Florida Man October 2 – Evil Old Man

According to reports, an 81-year-old Florida man was detained on October 2, 2018,
after he allegedly offered a woman $200,000 to buy her little daughter at a Florida

According to police, Tracy Nigh and her daughter were seated on a bench inside
Walmart on Dunlawton Avenue when Hellmuth Kolb allegedly approached them. The
mother claimed that he inquired whether she was married after asking about her 8-year-old daughter.

Nigh remarked, “It appeared like friendly talk. At first, “He didn’t seem to be a threat.”
Kolb then repeatedly asked Nigh if she would accept payment to sell her kid.
The first sum was $100,000, the second was $150,000, and the last sum was $200,000,
according to Nigh. “I responded, ‘No, we must go.'”

Nigh claimed that as the scenario grew scary, she stood up to leave with her child.
Police claim that as the two were leaving, the Florida man grabbed the girl’s arm, pulled her
close to him, and kissed her wrist.

According to the police complaint, Nigh drew her daughter back and swiftly left the
location, alerting Walmart security before leaving.

The incident was caught on the store’s surveillance footage. According to deputies, Kolb
The video shows grabbing the woman and restraining her against her will. Kolb is accused of imprisonment and violence.

Florida Man October 2 – Gut-wrenching Story

A simple argument turns into a tantrum by a Florida man on October 2.

A Florida man was residing in a home with his coworkers for a little business endeavor.
But things turned nasty when the Florida man attacked his coworkers while having a temper
tantrum. Two of his coworkers passed away, and the third was in critical condition.

Electrician Shun Runyon and his coworkers were working temporarily at a supermarket for a power firm in Pennsylvania. Runyon, 39, a business traveler in Davenport, got into a fight with his boss there.

The Florida man started to punch his boss before hastily leaving the job site on October 2.
Grady Judd, the sheriff of Polk County, spoke at a press conference regarding the
incident. He claimed that when Ruyon left the job site, he returned to the house where
his coworkers resided.

Florida man began having outbursts. He used a baseball bat and knife he found at
home to assault his companions.

While sleeping, he killed one of his coworkers by beating him.

Following his actions, a Florida man left his house and fled. His clothing was nearly entirely covered with blood. To apprehend the Florida man, the Polk County Sheriff’s officers had to organize a massive operation involving officers, K-9 teams, drones, and helicopters.

Runyon sought safety at a couple’s house. The hosts instructed Runyon to change out of the bloodied clothing and head straight for the hospital.

Florida man paid attention to his hosts, removed his stained clothing, and headed to the
hospital. Police officers detained him at the hospital. The names of those killed, assaulted, and beaten by Runyon at the hospital were not made public.

The Florida man has a lengthy history of violence. It turns out police had detained him in Pennsylvania after a drowning incident. Sheriff Judd claimed they had no idea what had made Runyon so irate.


You might be scared now that you’ve read what awful things Florida man did on October 2

We apologize if this man’s actions disrupt your day. You shouldn’t let it affect you.
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