What Are the Best Digital Designs for Your Website

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Have you ever immediately clicked off a webpage with a poor design because it looked unprofessional, unintuitive, and plain unpleasant? We have, and before we upgraded our digital design game, it probably happened to us. 

It could be happening to you too. Don’t lose out on revenue because your web design is not up to par. We’ve made this guide to digital design to make your design journey easier.

What Is Digital Design?

Digital design is more than graphics. It is a complex interaction of graphics, animation, user interface, and user experience that creates a whole, functional site.

A good digital design will, of course, look pleasing to the eye. But the true crux of quality design is one that is backed by research. It should address the pain points of your audience and draw them toward the solution you are offering.

It should also be easy to read. If the text is not readable, a user will not stay on your site. They should be able to read your content and navigate your website with ease and flow.

Finally, user interaction is key. An engaged user stays on your page and is more likely to choose your solution.

Importance of Digital Design

The whole world is migrating online. From online stores, schools, stock trading, and even US Online Casinos, everyone has a website. Yes, that includes your competitors.

So, with all the saturation and endless search results, how will customers know you are their best choice?

A quality digital design will give your website, and consequently your product or service, a leg up on the competition. Depending on your consumer’s needs, pain points, and your product, you can customize your design until it is optimized.

You will see more engagement, get more leads, and make more sales after you integrate digital design into your website. In a short amount of time, you should see a high and continuous return on investment.

Top 5 Digital Design Agencies

The best way to integrate digital design into your website is by hiring a professional. Even more important is matching your brand to the design. These agencies stand out above the rest for their unique, groundbreaking approaches to digital design.

Femme Fatale Studio

Femme Fatale Studio is a Paris-based design studio that specializes in animation and interactive experiences. They use bold images, unique zoom and scrolling illusions, and animation to create a 3D experience.

If you are interested in creating an impressive website that is an experience for all your users, Femme Fatale Studios is right up your alley.

Emote Digital

Modern and user-friendly, Emote Digital is an Australian company that specializes in SEO websites. Their cozy and welcoming homepage reflects the style you can expect from their digital design.

If you are struggling to get your website in search results, you may want to consider a design company that integrates SEO into your web design.

Pollen London

The designers at Pollen London know how to make a statement. As they specialize in fashion, their work is unique, modern, clean, and identifiable by their classic black and white images. 

Making use of the full-screen width, Pollen creates a bold and remarkable website that sticks with a customer.

AVX Digital

AVX Digital is a digital design company that is a go-to for customers who want the design process to be collaborative. AVX Digital takes time with their clients to optimize their return on investment, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Mimosa Agency

Mimosa Agency knows that blending the classic with the modern will always make an impression on a customer. They take risks, mixing classic black and white with modern design elements to create some of the most unique web designs on the internet. 

If you want to take the leap from bland to extraordinary, Mimosa Agency is the digital design company to check out.

Get Inspired

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to kick your creativity into high gear. These websites have something unique to offer weaved into their digital design. 

Mammut Expedition Baikal

Mammut Expedition Baikal is a gorgeous site that creates a 3D effect with its unique layering technique. They make you feel like you’re on a snowy mountain adventure! 

If you’re thinking about having a design that makes your consumers know exactly what you’re company is about- take notes from Mammut Expedition Baikal.

Make me Pulse 2019

Make me Pulse 2019 is an interactive site that makes you feel like you are in a Nordic Indie game. It takes you on a relaxing, reflective journey as you pass from one year to the next. 

Though you probably aren’t making a website just for a user to get the feel-goods, you can still feel inspired by this site. The wholesome art and cozy music make a user feel at home.

If your goal is to be welcoming and comforting, check out the Make me Pulse 2019 site for premium inspiration.

Nixon US

Nixon US is a great website to learn more about designing an online store. You can draw inspiration from their homepage, navigation, and blog to build a user-friendly design that shows off your products and increases sales.

If you want to make an intuitive online store, give the Nixon US site a quick study.

Beagle by Podio

Beagle by Podio applies creative design with a purpose. Like Make me Pulse, Beagle by Podio relies on user interaction.

But the design leads the user to an action. They can learn more, request a quote, or reach the contact page by scrolling through the website.

Beagle by Podio is a great study if you’re looking to make a design that leads to a sale.

More Finance Tips

If these examples have you excited to revamp your website, we’re sure you’re going to think about how else you can upgrade your brand.

Digital design is just one of many steps you should be taking to optimize your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in more finance tips, check out our other blog posts today.

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