8 Tips to Get Started With a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Are you interested in learning how to get started with a pay per head sportsbook? Then check out some of these tips before you begin.

Did you know that Americans have wagered over $20 billion since sports betting was legalized in 2018? Because of this, the bookmaking market is popping more than ever before. There’s never been a better time to take on the challenge of becoming a bookie.

If you’re considering opening up your own bookie business, a pay per head sportsbook is essential. Here, we’re going to talk about what these platforms are and what you can do to bolster your new sports betting platform. Read on for some amazing tips that will help you to get your business off the ground ASAP!

1. Understand What Pay Per Head (PPH) Means

Before you start up a PPH sports betting business, it’s important that you understand the mechanics of these platforms. They’re essentially fully-managed sportsbook software that comes with a ton of different features to make your life easier as a bookie. Some features might include customer support, web updates and upgrades, and pro-level security systems.

However, PPH platforms all have one common denominator: their pricing model. These technologies are also called ‘price per person’ or ‘price per player’ because bookies only pay for those that are actively placing bets with them at any given time.

You pay a small fee of around $10 for each person who currently has money on the table. You don’t pay for those that don’t regardless of how much they’ve bet with you in the past.

When people place more bets around the World Cup or the Super Bowl, your payments to the platform will increase. Regardless, you’re going to be paying a very small amount if you only have 10 players during the off-season. PPH pricing models are much more flexible and scalable than flat fees so you’ll never put out more than you’re making.

2. Find the Right Provider

Once you understand the importance of a PPH platform, you’ll need to find one that actually works for you. Consider your specific needs and make sure that you get a platform that can sustain a lot of bettors. You don’t want the mechanics of your technology to inhibit the growth of your sportsbook!

You also will want to get a platform that’s accessible in other countries. The sports betting market is growing everywhere, and you don’t want to limit your prospects to the US. Make sure that you can eventually reach others in areas that have legal gambling.

This bookie software is one of the best on the market. Ace Per Head doesn’t just have a lot of experience but also provides bookies with a lot of the features that they need to get started. These features include web design, automatic updates, customer support, cryptocurrency payment methods, and more.

3. Come Up With an Awesome Website Idea

Because a sportsbook is a business above all else, you’re going to need to design a webpage that sells your brand. This means coming up with colors, imagery, and slogans that make your sportsbook memorable. You want people to remember you over your competitors come next season so they place bets on players, teams, and events with you in the future.

Make sure that your website showcases who you are as a bookie and what makes you unique. This will illustrate authenticity and character. People will be more likely to connect with you and want to work with your sportsbook.

You also just need to make your website stand out in order for people to become interested in it. Having clear navigation, using graphics and images rather than text walls, and interactive video content is essential. Think through where you want everything to be before contacting your PPH provider and taking the next steps.

4. Set Up Your Platform

Assuming that you choose a PPH platform that’s worth its salt, you’ll automatically have access to the tools and expertise needed to build a solid website. Reach out to these experts and see what they can do for you.

You’ll likely be able to choose from tons of different templates. Look for one that best matches your vision and roll with it. While you might need to tweak your dream website a bit, templates make setup easier and you’re sure to find something pretty close to what you want.

If you choose a provider that goes above and beyond, you might also have the chance to build a custom website with PPH experts. Companies like Ace Per Head give you the option of bringing your exact dream to life with these flexible and versatile design options. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider for assistance.

5. Link to Score Tracking Software

One challenge that bookies traditionally face is the need to track every team, player, and event that they want to take bets on. While this can be fun for smaller bookies, it becomes a nightmare for those with larger sportsbooks. You’d need to manually keep track of bets and their outcomes, which could take days and leaves a lot of room for human error.

Luckily, the modern web means that you can link your PPH platform directly to other sites that track scores for sporting events. You won’t need to sit by the TV or live web updates and take vigorous notes. You and your players will both automatically and transparently see the outcome of every bet.

This also means that you can expand your sportsbook more than ever before. You can link hundreds of events to your platform and offer betting without needing to track them all on your own. What once wasn’t humanly possible has now been made simple!

6. Be Careful About Security

Security is of the utmost importance for online gamblers. After all, they generally dole out pretty large sums of money on bets. Some of these bets may even range up to well over $1000.

Because of this, it’s the job of the bookie to keep players’ financial information safe. Make sure that your PPH platform offers multi-factor authentication and firewall technologies. A single breach can do a lot of damage to your players… and can destroy your reputation and your bookie business in the process, too.

If you’re in charge of payment methods, you also should allow your players to place bets in untraceable Bitcoin. This lets them remain anonymous and protect their identity and personal information. They also won’t need to enter any financial data besides their crypto eWallet code, so there won’t be anything to steal in the event of a breach.

7. Talk to Your Provider Frequently

No matter what happens, it’s important that you constantly keep your PPH provider up to date when it comes to your needs. These professionals can help you troubleshoot any problems that come up and are usually happy to keep tabs on your website’s regular trends. This will not only stop any potential malware from penetrating your sportsbook but also ensures that there’s no downtime.

You also should talk to your provider when you want any alterations made to your website. If the PPH professionals behind your site are good, they’ll work to keep up with your growing platform. This means rebranding when needed to meet your ever-changing vision.

8. Integrate With Social Media Platforms

Did you know that the average person spends between 2-3 hours per day on social media? Because of this, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok are great ways to reach out to your target audience.

Create official pages on all of these sites and connect with those in your target demographic. For bookies, this usually means finding those with enough disposable income to gamble. Those who work in higher-paying occupations are the goal.

You also should link back to your PPH platform from these social media pages. This will drive inbound traffic to your sportsbook so that people place bets with you more frequently.

Plus, since more inbound traffic makes your site more appealing to Google crawlers, your page will appear higher up in search engines. You’ll get far more visibility. Combine this with social media PPC ad campaigns that redirect to your page, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Beyond Setting Up Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

While beginning a pay per head sportsbook may sound like a challenge, it’s actually much easier than you would think. Now that you have some of the top tips for getting started, it’s time to begin setting up your bookmaking platform and finding bettors.

Since security is a top priority for bookies, it’s essential that you understand how to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into your sportsbook. Check out the ‘bitcoin’ tab on our home page for more information on how your sportsbook can accept this secure and untraceable payment method.

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