The Ultimate Annual Gift Guide For Him

The Ultimate Annual Gift Guide For Him

Keeping track of every day that you need to buy gifts can be tiring, especially when there are multiple people you need to think about. While specific days are easy to remember, such as holidays like Christmas and Easter, you’ll then have to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries on top of that. Of course, when it comes to your partner, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep track of them. Of course, nobody is perfect, and forgetting a friend’s birthday might lead to some awkward late-birthday-present giving. But it’s much worse to forget these days for your partner. While we can’t help you remember when those important days are, we can give you some guidance on what to get for them during those key moments throughout the year. Here’s our ultimate annual gift guide for your boyfriend or husband. 


When it comes to your anniversary, this is a time for the both of you to celebrate your time together. Whatever your anniversary is, whether it’s for the day you first met or your wedding anniversary, you’ll want to use this time to show him how much he means to you. Sentimentality is the key to anniversary gift-giving. If you’re struggling for inspiration, you can always use the traditional materials for wedding anniversary years in which a particular material symbolizes a certain length of time together. This goes from one year to ten, with different materials each year, and then after the first decade, it skips to more precious materials every five years and then every ten years from the third decade. The first year of your anniversary is symbolized by paper and the sixtieth by diamond. For your first year, you could consider a book that might be relevant to your relationship, such as being about the place you met or by an author from that area. Try to use this logic when deciding on a gift to have the most impact.


If anything, the great thing about birthdays is that they can be somewhat of a wildcard when it comes to choosing gifts. By that, we mean almost all gift ideas can be good as there isn’t a specific theme you need to follow for these gifts. This is, of course, similar to Christmas gifts. However, we would recommend choosing something that is still somewhat personalized. Alternatively, you could also treat him to a birthday meal at his favorite restaurant and then possibly surprise him with a trip to a comedy club to see Joe Rogan, Dave Chapelle, Dave Landau, or any national best-selling comic. Inviting his friends along for a memorable evening full of laughter. Ultimately, the thing that is different about birthdays compared to other days is that they should focus on that person, celebrating their life and showing them that they are loved. 

Father’s Day

When you have children, you’ll have to arrange for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for each other while they’re still young. This is a great time to teach your kids about being thoughtful and appreciative of others, and while they won’t be buying the gifts themselves, they can assist you in picking the right gift. Of course, you’ll want to steer them in the right direction as to which gifts to choose, and so some ideas can be very beneficial. Personalised Father’s Day gifts are great choices, such as mugs and clothing. Photobox offers a range of options that are unique and stand out from the rest. To personalize these gifts, you could incorporate a family photo from a favorite holiday or party or simply create a photo album of all of these great memories if there are too many photos to choose from. 


Whether you celebrate the meaning behind Easter or not, it’s very common for people to enjoy this holiday with their friends and family, especially as many tend to have time off work as it’s a national holiday. While the traditional gift to give someone is a chocolate egg of some kind, there’s no reason you need to stick with this theme. Instead, why not treat him to a personalized hamper filled with his favorite snacks. If he’s got less of a sweet tooth, you could bundle it up with lots of savory goodies or perhaps even create your own custom grooming hamper with beard oils, shaving products, and aftershave. 


This time of year is a time for giving, and once the Christmas holidays start to roll around, it can begin to get very stressful trying to think of the right things to buy for everyone. While you can offer some generic gifts to friends and family as a gesture of goodwill, such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, you will naturally feel duty-bound to get something nice for your partner. A great idea would be to buy them an experience as their gift. Experiences make for memorable times and can stand out from the generic material gifts you might otherwise choose to buy for someone. In fact, it’s reported that most Brits would prefer an experience as their Christmas present rather than material items. You could treat your husband to a day of skydiving, beer tasting, or perhaps even a photography or cocktail making workshop where he can learn some new skills.

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