How to Enjoy the New Year’s Eve without Any Plans?

How to Enjoy the New Year’s Eve without Any Plans?

Are you an introvert who likes avoiding parties and gatherings and would stay home no matter what? New Year’s Eve is on its way and everyone will be talking about their plans. Some of your friends will be going to a big fancy party, others will have an all-nighter out on the roads celebrating under the fireworks.

But don’t worry we got your back if you want to avoid all that and go with a ‘No plans’ policy this time. Here are some of the things you can do alone this New Year’s night as still enjoy yourself to the max. 

Binge-watch your favorite show

Having no plans simply means that you have a pan of your own. And making that plan amazing for yourself is all in your hand. Pick a show to binge-watch. It’s not a crime even if you’re thinking about watching Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, or Gossip Girl for the hundredth time.

We’re even okay if you want to put on an old movie that you loved watching and haven’t watched in a long time. The purpose is to entertain yourself and you can watch whatever you want to as long as it makes you happy. And if you’re lucky enough to have your hand on a good cable TV plan then nothing could go wrong with your binge-watching plans.

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Read a book

Nothing feels better than reading a book and sipping on some hot chocolate. In fact, it’s more than good if you choose to stay in and read a book over going out at a gathering, any day. There are so many books that you must read to gain a new perspective about life especially when you’re about to enter another year you must read some words of wisdom to give your life a different, new and unique angle.

Here are some of the books we recommend you as high priority reading if you’re looking to read something for inspiration:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

The Monk Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Take a step back from social media 

Turn off your social media accounts for a while. You don’t need to constantly refresh your newsfeed every 5 minutes to see how other people are celebrating their new year. Focus on how you’re celebrating it. Think of all the things you want to do. 

Social media can lead us to believe that every person is living their best lives out there and it’s only you who’s missing out on everything. But trust us when we tell you that all that glitter is not gold. Because in reality every person is dealing with their own problems and some of them manage to mask their problems well on social media and portray a happy and glamorous lifestyle for people to see.

So, take a step back from social media and write your thoughts down. It will help you rearrange them nicely and build a productive outcome.

Listen to your favorite songs on repeat

What feels better than playing an old playlist of all the songs that you used to listen to on repeat? Open a music streaming platform and stream all your new favorite hits and old classics. Listening to music can be considered a legitimate plan as long as you’re loving it. Some of the old songs will even take you down memory lane and help you relive all those moments. 

You can listen to a song 20 or 30 times on repeat and the best part is there will be no one around to judge you. You can even listen to someone else’s New Year playlist on Spotify and find new favorites for you.

Reflect on the year

Think about all the things you’ve done this year. Self-reflection is important. Combine all good and the bad. Think of all the places you’ve been to. The last day of the year is the best time to arrange all these. Acknowledge yourself for all the achievements. No matter how big or small they are, congratulate yourself on achieving them.

Set resolutions for the New Year. Think of all the mistakes you’ve made and want to work on them to be a better version of yourself in the upcoming year. Making mistakes is normal for human beings, what’s not normal is not realizing them and not identifying the root of problems. Treat yourself with something, be it a small gift, a diary, a meal, or anything that you know makes you happy.

Wrapping it up

Holidays are meant to be comforting and relaxing rather than having tons of plans and a bunch of people to meet. And who can say that you don’t have any plans for your new year’s eve? Looks like you’ve got a lot to do. It’s okay if you want to take a step back from partying for this New Year’s Eve and spend some time alone with yourself. We recommend you should do it every once in a while. 

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