How Many Types of Medical Marijuana Products Are There?

You don't have to limit yourself to one option when it comes to medical marijuana. Click here to learn about different types of medical marijuana products.

57 percent of medical marijuana users suffer from chronic pain. 47 percent have chronic anxiety. The issue with prescription drugs is the unnecessary side effects, which prompt people to seek alternatives.

However, individuals with chronic coughs should avoid smoking cannabis. Fortunately, there are various types of medical marijuana products. Continue reading to learn the different ways to use medical marijuana to cater to your needs.

Cannabis Salt

Nothing like a hot bath after a strenuous walk or exercise. Fill your tub halfway with water and add one cup of cannabis bath salts. 

Then relax for at least 20 minutes. This combo will mitigate sore muscles and reduce your blood pressure.

Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are the best medical marijuana products because of their many forms. They can be taken:

  • In your mouth
  • Underneath the tongue
  • On the skin

Consider adding a few drops of cannabis tincture to your workout smoothies. This method is healthier than edibles, which are loaded with sugar and other fillers.

For individuals who want faster absorption, add a few drops right beneath the tongue. Sublingual administration offers a rapid and direct route to your circulation.

Cannabis Salve

If you are searching for a more intense topical treatment, a CBD salve is your best option. Buy medical marijuana products with high-quality mixtures of CBD and arnica.

You can try other mixtures, like white willow bark and calendula. This combo produces a very effective topical ointment that penetrates the muscles.

Spray, Roll-ons, Body Oils

Some people hate the salve’s thick, greasy feel and prefer lighter, faster-drying alternatives. If this describes you, try purchasing a CBD-infused roll-on or spray. Sprays and roll-ons come in compact bottles that are convenient in your exercise bag.

These solutions are imperceptible. This means it can be applied anywhere in the locker room, vehicle, or public places. Quality cannabis at harvest can give your skin that smooth glow.

Edible Marijuana

Although tinctures and marijuana capsules are consumed orally, they are not considered edibles. This category is for cannabinoid-containing foods and drinks. 

When users create edibles from farmed flowers, obtaining precision is difficult. Edibles are popular due to their long-lasting effects and delayed activation period. The problem is that it’s difficult to predict when they’ll take effect. 

Cannabis Flower

Most flower users ingest it through joints, pipes, and bongs. People may also create edibles and use dry herb vaporizers at home.

You can harvest and cultivate marijuana flowers. Some states, like Oklahoma, allow six plants for each home. Some people like juicing the plant’s leaves to get a pure extract.

Cannabis Capsule

People don’t usually use capsules, but they are accessible and legal. It contains cannabinoids, THC, and CBD.

Capsules can be used through the oral and suppository route. They are even more precise than tinctures. After all, they are pre-dosed, rather than through manual droppers.

Learn More About Different Types of Medical Marijuana Products

Over the years, scientists have found many benefits of medical marijuana. It helps alleviates stress and pain as well as reduce chemo symptoms. There are also many different ways to use them.

Researchers are still studying the medical use of cannabinoids and what it entails. Through more findings, cannabis will be less controversial. For more info, check out our blog posts on different types of medical marijuana products.

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