Top 4 Things to do when wrongfully accused of Drug Charges in Sydney

Top 4 Things to do when wrongfully accused of Drug Charges in Sydney

In Sydney, drug possession and supply charges are not treated casually. Usual penalties start from $400 all the way up to $2,200. In some cases, the guilty might even be sent for 2 years to life imprisonment. However, these depend on the type of drug and the quantity involved. The New South Wales’ Judicial Commission has recorded more than 6,000 such cases between 2018 and 19. But what if you were wrongfully accused of drug possession charges?

There are different cases found over the years where the accused person wasn’t guilty. You should call Sydney criminal lawyers if you think your case is one of them. But is it even necessary when you know that you are innocent? Find that out in today’s article.

  1. Get in touch w/ a Professional Lawyer ASAP

It will be wrong to think you can handle the drug possession charge yourself. Even if you know that you are innocent, there is no way you can prove that without the help of a criminal defence lawyer. Your lawyer will be the person with whom you must share every detail to make way for a potential plea bargain. 

A legal professional will connect with every witness to gain more insights into the case. He will gather witnesses, collect evidence, do interviews and try to save you as much as possible from the invasive police department. The best way to get connected to a lawyer is simply to Google “criminal defence lawyers Sydney“. Now check out some reviews and find a lawyer that fits your needs.

  1. Never say ‘YES’ to any Physical Tests w/o Your Lawyer.

Apparently, it might seem like there’s no harm to go for a DNA test or any other test. But, that is not what your lawyer thinks. Therefore, never accept going for a physical test with anyone without the consent and knowledge of your lawyer. 

Remember that it is your right to representation, and so you can redeem that before going into communication with the police department. So, even if the cops order a test immediately, never forget to call your lawyer to validate the procedure.

  1. Keep Every bit of Evidence Safe and Intact.

Drug-related cases usually do not have many evidence resources to bank on. Therefore, it is even more critical to ensure that whatever evidence you have, is safe. It will help your lawyer find clues or evidence that can help prove you innocent.

Therefore, remember not to delete cell phone call logs, recorded videos or voices, texts, social media posts or anything else that links to the case. Sometimes, the police department seizes everything from the accused. In that case, ensure that you keep track of every single document taken from you. You need to report that to your lawyer to help solidify your case.

  1. Avoid Giving Comments while in Police Custody

If the police take you into custody for the drug possession charges, be very careful about what you speak. Never try to prove yourself innocent or go into any squabble with them. Try to keep as silent and poised as possible. Your lawyer will do everything that’s needed.

Wrapping Up

The best shot for you when you are entangled in a drug possession case wrongfully is to hire Sydney criminal lawyers. Their hourly charges vary from $300 to $800. But, no expense is more significant than the stigma you face because of the false accusation case. Find a trusted lawyer today. 

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