How to Select a Plumbing Service: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Finding the right people to fix plumbing issues in your home requires knowing your options. Here is a guide for homeowners on how to select a plumbing service.

Your kitchen sink is overflowing, the shower keeps dripping all night long, and your toilet won’t stop running—plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect them!

That’s why all homeowners need a reliable plumbing service. For both emergencies and regular maintenance, it’s important—but not always easy—to find a qualified tradesman.

There are many plumbers out there, but some of them are overpriced, unreliable, or eager to take advantage of desperate homeowners. How can you cut to the chaff and find a winner—that kind, experienced neighborhood plumber?

To find out more, keep reading to learn how to select a plumbing service, even if you’re new to homeownership.

Ask Neighbors for Recommendations

If you’re considering options for plumbers, one of your best resources is right next door! Everyone needs to call a plumber from time to time, whether that’s to deal with blocked drains, Saniflo repairs, or a leaky faucet, so you’re not alone—your neighbors might be able to recommend a fantastic plumbing service in your neighborhood.

Or, ask friends, family, colleagues, or within your community’s local Facebook group. Most everyone is happy to recommend a licensed residential plumber that they’re always happy with.

First-hand recommendations are generally the easiest and most effective way to find tradespeople, so never be afraid to ask!

Check the Plumber’s Credentials

Before letting a plumber into your home, you need to know that they’re legitimate. This means you need to check their credentials carefully to make sure they’re qualified, licensed, and insured. If you’re facing a specific issue, ensure that the plumber is experienced and capable of handling it.

Reviewing a plumber’s website is a good way to learn about their qualifications, but you can also call or email them to find out more. Then, check if they are licensed to operate.

Any reputable plumber would be glad to show you their license, or you can also check with your town’s Better Business Bureau.

Lastly, make sure your plumber has comprehensive insurance. Generally, plumbers will need liability insurance, which protects you and your property if there are any accidents or injuries while work is being done.

Many plumbers also have professional indemnity insurance, which protects them from claims of negligence made against their business.

Read Online Customer Reviews

It always helps to read reviews before hiring a plumber. Read unbiased reviews on sites like Yelp and Google to get an idea of how the plumber operates. To find reviews, just Google “plumber near me Sydney” or whichever area you live in and you will find all the reviews you need.

For example, are they professional? Do they offer fair pricing? How is their customer service?

Another big issue to look for is punctuality, as not all plumbers are known for showing up on time. But when your kitchen sink is leaking, time is of the essence, so you need someone who will arrive at your home as soon as possible.

While no business is likely to have 100% perfect reviews, there should be enough information to help you decide if a plumber is worth hiring or not.

Look for Someone Experienced

One important quality to look for in a plumber is experience. Plumbing is a complex trade to learn, requiring problem-solving skills, intelligence, and years of training and apprenticeships.

You know the signs of when you need to call a plumber, but you often don’t know how to solve the problem yourself. That’s why you need a plumber with the knowledge and experience to fix up your pipes safely and effectively.

This is particularly true if you have a complex plumbing issue like a burst pipe. The easiest way to find a plumber that has experience with a specific issue is to Google search the issue itself. For example, “burst pipes Sydney” or whichever area you live in. Now you should have plenty of plumbers who can handle the job to choose from.

Make Sure You Understand How Their Pricing Works

Before hiring, comparing plumbing service costs is an important step. Make sure you understand what each company charges for each service.

However, that’s not all you need to do! Also, make sure you read up on how each plumber prices their services.

Some might charge higher fees on weekends, nights, holidays, or charge higher rates for more experienced plumbers. No one wants to be shocked by a bill, so avoid this by calling up your plumber and asking for clear, transparent prices for all services.

Check If They Offer 24/7 Help

It would be great if plumbing emergencies would only happen from 9-5 during business hours, but sadly, that’s not the case. Pipes have a tendency to freeze, leak, or burst at the most annoying times.

This is why you need a plumber that offers emergency call-outs—ideally, at no extra cost to you. Even small amounts of water can do serious damage to your home, so some emergencies just can’t wait until the morning.

In an emergency, it also helps to know how to turn off your water supply. This way, you can stop flooding or water damage if water is flowing uncontrollably.

Find Someone Caring and Trustworthy

When something goes wrong with your home’s waterworks, it’s normal to feel worried or panic. That’s why you need a plumber not just with technical skills, but also with interpersonal skills.

Your plumber should be honest, caring, and have strong customer service skills, helping you feel at ease while they are working in your home.

Use This Guide to Find and Select a Plumbing Service for Your Home

Whether you need some standard plumbing maintenance or have a flooding bathroom, it helps to have a trustworthy plumber that you can call on at any time. With the help of this article, we hope you now know how to select a plumbing service.

Once you find the right plumber, you can turn to them for years to come, giving you peace of mind that your home’s plumbing is in good shape!

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