5 Astonishing Ways To Spruce Up Your Business’ Social Media 

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A lot of businesses today struggle with keeping their audience’s attention. It’s a simple and direct consequence of the age of social media, where users have constant access to all the information they could want. When they can do anything on the internet, why would they want to hear about the manufacturing process behind your products? 

While some brands have the perfect opportunity to make their content fun and engaging – jewelry and makeup brands, for example – others have a harder time. If we ever told you that there was a language learning app on the market, you would imagine their content to be dull, right? Well, Duolingo’s TikTok account is far from boring. People follow that account simply because of how funny it is, and it gives them results too. Duolingo could lean into the jokes about the company’s brand that centers around Duo, the language teaching owl. They took those jokes and made fresh content out of it, which is advertising done right in today’s marketing atmosphere. 

The thing is, your industry doesn’t matter as much as the way you advertise does. With a bit of creativity, you can make your brand stick out. All you have to do is follow the advice in this article and not be scared of getting creative! 

Behind the Scene Stories 

A lot of people want to know about what’s happening behind the scenes at the offices of their favorite brands, and you might be surprised at how many people are interested in knowing what the design process for one of your products looks like, or how things work in your office. 

Share photos of the office, people hard at work while designing or planning the next big launch. You can do Instagram takeovers with some of the important people in the office, where they tell your followers all about what they do and how they do it. People would also love to see where your work-related travel takes you, and you can share stories behind fIled prototypes and business ideas that just didn’t work out! 

Use Social Media Planning Tools 

Individual posts need to be well thought out, yes, but the entirety of your social media feed needs to be well-coordinated and professional-looking. First impressions are essential; you can’t afford to let that first glance go to waste when you only have seconds to get a viewer’s attention.

Make sure your social media feed follows a particular theme and that your posts’ font, color scheme, and style go well together. Countless social media management tools offer the ability to visualize and plan weeks in advance what your posts will look like on the news feed. 

Also, don’t be afraid to use pages or apps that teach you how to buy Instagram likes. Often your first followers are the hardest to acquire. So there is nothing wrong with buying your initial followers just to get some activity on your page.

Take advantage of these tools and do plan ahead – if your newsfeed looks well planned and aesthetic, people will be more likely to follow you. 

Don’t Just Depend on Text and Graphics 

By exclusively using text and graphics in all your social media posts, you might be taking the easy way out. Sure, there’s a lot of versatility to it, but they don’t always do good on social media. For example, Instagram posts with faces in them do better than those without faces. It also gives your posts and news feed a personal touch that helps you connect with your audience better. 

When you’re competing with other brands and accounts, all with content designed to be attention-grabbing, why wouldn’t you want to maximize your chances of success by utilizing every trick in the book? 

The good news is that you don’t need a fully professional setup to create quality content. Mobile phone photography is on the rise, and editing apps like Facetune and countless others make it easy for you to add, say, the bokeh effect to photos – it’s pretty easy to learn how. Armed with just a good quality mobile camera, some photography tricks, and some creativity, you can make a big difference in how your brand connects with its audience. 

Be Funny, Interesting, and Authentic 

No one wants to learn about boring stuff like mattress design and courier delivery, but they would if you write captions with skill. Go ahead and craft a good story with some jokes thrown in, or create a charming and compelling brand identity and tone that sucks the audience in. 

Once your content is funny, interesting, authentic, and connects with the audience, you’ll see an uptick in engagement and conversion. Your main goal with informative social media posts is to connect with your target audience, make them feel seen, and tell them that you do understand them, and you understand their needs, and you have the solution. 

Social media is rife with people pretending to be things they’re not, and in the face of all this posturing, it’s refreshing when you find a brand or an influencer account that’s telling you about what’s real, and is all for advocating for us regular folks. You’ll see a lot of that now in the beauty and fashion industries, and the reason is that while these were the ones hit hardest by a wave of very strongly posed and curated content, the consumers are very quickly getting sick of it. 

Given the general public atmosphere, authenticity will earn you more followers and engagement than pretending to be perfect and larger than life will. 

Use User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is a great way of establishing trust with your audience, showing them that you value their thoughts and their contributions to your brand, and showing new customers that your brand is loved and valued by many. It also gives people who do use your products a sense of community, and brands like Fashion Nova and Sol de Janeiro center a lot of their marketing over user-generated content. 

Not only does it build a sense of community, but sometimes it also ties in with the authentic factor of your marketing. You might be inclined to overstate the benefits of your product, but other people using it, and the ones who spent money on it, will not. By showing people that your customers love your product and service and that you do add value to their lives, you’re building trust with your brand. 

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