7 Times When DIY Drywall Repair Won’t Save You Money

While we applaud a do-it-yourself attitude, it doesn't always save you money or time. Here are 7 times a DIY drywall repair job isn't the best idea.

Does some of the drywall in your home need to be repaired? If it does, you might be thinking about taking the DIY approach to drywall repair.

As long as you know how to repair drywall properly, you may be able to save yourself a nice chunk of change by fixing it yourself. In some instances, the drywall repair cost will only be $20 or so for a do-it-yourselfer.

But with that being said, you aren’t always going to want to repair holes in drywall on your own. There are plenty of cases in which you’ll want to hire professionals to perform drywall repair. You should actually be able to save money by hiring the best drywall repair company in these cases.

Here are seven times when DIY drywall repair won’t save you money.

1. When You Need to Repair a Bunch of Holes in Drywall

If you have a single hole in a piece of drywall, doing drywall repair on your own might not be that difficult to do. You should be able to patch up a hole in no time at all without encountering too many problems.

But if you have multiple holes in the drywall in your home, trying to tackle all of them yourself is going to get to be tedious. You might also find that you’ll make mistakes along the way as you attempt to do drywall repair yourself.

For this reason, you shouldn’t try to take on too much drywall repair on your lonesome. It would be a great idea to bring a drywall repair company in to assist you with all of these holes.

2. When You Have Cracks in Drywall That Need to Be Repaired

Do you have cracks in some of the drywall in your home as opposed to holes? You aren’t going to want to use the same method to try to repair them as you would while repairing holes.

The damaged drywall will need to be prepared in advance prior to you patching it up. Otherwise, the patch that you put on the drywall might not take, and it could lead to your drywall cracking again in the not-too-distant future.

drywall repair company knows how to get the job done when it comes to repairing drywall that has cracked. They’ll utilize a specialized treatment that will get rid of cracks in drywall and leave it looking new.

3. When You Have Drywall That Has Sustained Extensive Water Damage

If any of the drywall in your home ever gets wet, it’s going to be a problem. Some wet drywall will need to be ripped out and replaced entirely rather than being repaired.

But with this in mind, there are some situations in which wet drywall can be dried out and repaired. You’ll just need to spring into action ASAP to make this possible.

You’ll also need to work closely with a drywall repair company to get wet drywall repaired. They’ll be able to evaluate its condition to see if it can be salvaged. And if they think that it can, in fact, be saved, they can then take the necessary steps to breathe some life back into your damp drywall.

Generally speaking, you should always try to talk to a drywall repair company about any drywall that gets wet. They’ll be able to guide you in the right direction as far as choosing the most cost-effective repair method goes.

4. When You Don’t Know Exactly What’s Behind Drywall

There are all kinds of things that sit right behind the drywall that is scattered throughout your home. Some of these things include:

  • The framing for your home
  • Electrical wires
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Insulation
  • And more!

Before you begin trying to do drywall repair, you should think about what might be behind a specific piece of drywall. If there is, say, an electrical wire there and you put a nail through the drywall to fix it, it could cause electrical issues down the line.

You might be able to get some sense of what’s behind a piece of drywall just by looking through the hole that’s in it. But you might also want to sit drywall repair out and let a professional figure out what’s lingering behind it.

A drywall repair company will make sure that they don’t do any damage to anything that sits behind your drywall. That kind of damage could end up costing you a small fortune if you’re not careful.

5. When You Aren’t Able to Physically Pick Up Drywall Yourself

Drywall might not look like much to the naked eye. But it’s actually a whole lot heavier than you may think!

A single sheet of drywall is typically going to be somewhere between 40 and 60 pounds. That might be more weight than you’re able to pick up while doing drywall repair.

There is a pretty good chance that you might not have to pick up a whole sheet of drywall while doing repairs. You’ll likely only need to cut a piece of drywall that is big enough to fix a hole in your wall.

But if you don’t have any extra drywall lying around your house, you will have to run out to a home improvement store to get it. And that alone could put a serious strain on your body if you aren’t someone who can pick up something that’s 40, 50, or 60 pounds without a problem.

In a worst-case scenario, you might sustain an injury while doing drywall repair because of its weight. This injury could cost you money on medical bills and make you wish that you had decided against doing DIY drywall repair.

6. When You Can’t Afford to Splurge on Drywall

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prices associated with building materials went up quite a bit. Everything from roofing shingles to flooring increased in price.

Drywall wasn’t immune from this. Some builders actually stopped working altogether or charged their clients outrageous prices because of the simple fact that drywall cost them so much money.

Thankfully, the cost of drywall has gone down a little bit over the last year or so. But drywall still costs more than it used to, and that could put you in a predicament if you need to do drywall repair.

Since you aren’t an expert as far as drywall repair is concerned, you might have to buy more drywall than you actually need for your project. And that could mean spending more than you would have to pay a drywall repair company for drywall.

You can get around this by simply hiring a drywall repair company from the beginning. They’ll be able to fix your drywall while using as little drywall as possible. It should save you some money on drywall repair in the end.

7. When You’ve Tried Repairing Drywall in the Past and Can’t Get It Right

If you were to spend almost every day repairing drywall, you would get to be pretty good at it in no time at all. Repairing drywall is easy once you get the hang of it.

But if you’ve tried to do drywall repair in the past and struggled, that might be reason enough to bring a drywall repair company on board to assist you. They can repair your drywall right the first time and help you avoid having to try to pick up the fine art of drywall repair while making mistakes along the way.

It would be nice for you to know how to pull off some basic drywall repair jobs, including learning how to finish drywall. But when you need a job done right from the start, you’ll be better off leaving it up to someone who knows what they’re doing. It’ll save you so much time and money and make you glad that you decided to go in this direction.

Skip DIY Drywall Repair and Hire the Pros to Help You Instead

There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix some of the things that break within your house. It’s nice to roll up your sleeves every now and then and make a repair instead of calling on someone for help.

But when it comes to drywall repair, you might cost yourself money by taking the DIY approach to things. All it’ll take is one or two small mistakes for the costs to start adding up. You should reach out to a reputable drywall repair company to handle your drywall needs and get the job done properly.

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