5 Signs It’s Time for a Furnace Replacement

Having trouble staying warm in your home? Here are a few signs that mean it's time for you to schedule a furnace replacement.

The furnace is an important home appliance that keeps your home warm during winter and cools your home during summer. Thus, you should ensure that your furnace is functioning efficiently at all times.

However, some telltale signs may help you know when your furnace needs replacement. Do you want to avoid troubles of malfunctioned home furnace? Here are 5 signs that might indicate it is time to schedule a furnace replacement.

1. A Furnace That Is Making Different Noises

Have you started hearing a strange noise from your furnace? A strange noise like popping, humming, clicking, or rattling could be a sign that your furnace is no longer working properly.

Different strange noise from your furnace could be due to many reasons like worn-out blower motor, ignition problem among others. No matter the noise you hear, you should call an HVAC expert to determine whether repair or replace the furnace.

2. Increased Energy Bill

When your furnace’s internal components wear and tear, it will become less energy efficient.

When your furnace has faulty parts, you will notice that your monthly bills are increasing. Thus, you may need a new furnace if the older one does not heat your home efficiently.

If your furnace uses more energy to heat your home, you should consider replacing it.

3. Old Furnace

No heating system can last forever; thus, even if you properly maintain your furnace, it will ultimately age after 15 to 20 years.

Keeping an old furnace will only lead to increased energy bills in our home. Old furnaces can’t evenly distribute heat in your home. Thus, if your furnace fall in between the age mentioned, consider these types of furnaces for replacement.

4. Frequent Furnace Repairs

Typically, a furnace may need repairs when nearing the end of its usable life.

A furnace may malfunction due to unexplained reasons in such a situation. Thus, don’t focus on frequent and costly repairs, especially when your furnace has reached the end of its life.

Often, furnace replacement cost is usually economical than the cost of repairs.

5. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Often, your oil or gas furnace should be able to keep the indoor air conditions not only warm but also free from dust particles.

Thus, if your furnace can’t maintain enough indoor humidity or the amount of dust particles, you should consider installing a new one.

Know the Right Time for Furnace Replacement

A furnace is a very important component for keeping homes warm. Thus, you must understand the signs that indicate you need furnace replacement. Only then will you adequately prepare to shop for your next furnace.

However, you can still extend the lifespan of your furnace by doing regular maintenance, at least once per year. You can also consider replacing furnace filters regularly, often after every three months.

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