Can Natural Light Help You Sleep Better?

There are many sleep aids out there, but something so obvious as natural lighting might escape notice. Find out if natural light can help you sleep better.

People are supposed to get 7 hours of sleep each night for health and wellness. When you fall short of the sleep you need, you’ll feel lethargic and brain fogged at best and might experience deeper problems.

A lack of sleep can also lead to diabetes, heart issues, stroke, and other issues.

Getting natural light is an important element that people today also fail to get because we spend so much time indoors and in offices.

Here’s what you should know about natural light and how it affects the way you sleep.

Natural Light Trains Your Sleep Cycles

There’s plenty of science at play every time we simply go to sleep and wake up. Our bodies have natural sleep and wake cycles that help us get the right amount of sleep each night to have energy during the day.

Natural light is one of the main elements that runs this system. When your brain and nervous system senses light, it responds by helping you wake up and respond to your day. This is why most people sleep more comfortably in dark rooms and have to draw the blinds to help them wake up.

When your sleep cycles are balanced, you will go in and out of stages of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep.

Make sure that your bedroom design is suited for allowing the right amount of light, while keeping the room pitch black during your sleep cycles.

You’ll Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Getting natural light through your windows is also great for your health. Sunlight provides you with plenty of Vitamin D that you can take advantage of.

Vitamin D helps by improving your mood, ability to focus, and produces feel-good chemicals. When you live your life light and anxiety-free in the daytime, it’s likely that you’ll relax and sleep better at night.

Check out this helpful article so that you can learn more about installing a skylight that’ll serve you. This is a type of roof window that shines light from above and in a controlled beam. These windows come with different aperture sizes that you can explore.

You’ll Get Balance From Blue Light

Today, so many of us are glued to smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and other devices. These devices emit blue light, which is known to confuse our sleep awake cycles.

Blue light makes your brain think that you’re experiencing daylight even if you’re on your phone or tablet at night. Spending more time in natural sunlight conditions your brain and body to recognize these patterns. This recognition helps you sleep better and get more fulfilling rest.

Build Your Life to Sleep Better

Natural light plays a big role in your sleep, as you can see by the information above. Getting plenty of sunlight each day is a recipe for health that you’ll appreciate.

Sleep is foundational to your life and well-being, so make sure that you get a good mix of sunlight so that you can balance your energy.

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