To Get More Air & Light Inside Your Property – Think Louvres.

To Get More Air & Light Inside Your Property – Think Louvres.

It is fair to say that we live in a pretty hot climate here in Thailand and so it would make perfect sense that we want to install a window in our homes and business properties that can allow us to have more natural ventilation moving around the property. It is true that air conditioning is very popular but we also need to remember that our air conditioning electricity bills can get quite high in the hotter months. We do not want to be running our air conditioning systems 24 hours a day and seven days a week so we look for other options and these options come in the form of windows that will allow air to circulate easily and for free.

This is why many property owners install ventilation louvres which allow the property owner to open and close their windows with ease and all of the individual slats open together. This means that lots of fresh air can flow into any room in your property in no time at all and this helps to cool down the whole area. If you have one such window at the front of your room and one at the back then it allows warmer air to escape outside. If you’re still not sold on the benefits of installing these kinds of windows in your property then maybe the following can help you to make a better choice.

  • Perfect for the rainy season – It can get incredibly humid here in the wet season in Thailand and so we want a window that we can leave open and yet we need to also stop the rain from coming inside the room. This is why these louvre windows other perfect choice every single time because not only do they look amazing in any property but these windows can be left open and because they slope downwards this greatly restricts the rain from entering the room.
  • They offer excellent privacy – It is very difficult to get any kind of privacy in today’s busy world and yet these types of windows are perfect because you can partially open them and that means that the air still gets to come in but you begin stop the nosy neighbours from looking directly into your property.
  • Easy to maintain – Due to the slope and flip feature on these types of windows, it allows you to be able to clean the inside and the outside from the inside of your property. This makes life really easy for everyone especially when trying to relax for summer vacation and it means that you don’t have to stand outside in the hot sun cleaning the glass on the outside. The other wonderful news is that these types of windows are incredibly affordable and so you can afford to put them all around your home or business property.

Hopefully these three reasons have convinced you about the benefits of using louvre windows in your property and you will now make the right decision and invest in them. They will add immediate value to your property and should you decide to sell your home further down the line then this will encourage potential buyers to make an offer on your property quickly.

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