Down by the Bay: 6 Bay Window Design Ideas

Are you looking to add a different type of window to your home? Consider incorporating these bay window design ideas into your renovation.

Do you want your house to stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you’re considering new windows? There are many reasons why you should consider installing bay windows. 

From creating more seating space to creating a historic more classical look, a modern bay window can transform your home into a place your neighbors are envious of. Bay windows pay homage to the most famous of buildings, including Oriel College Oxford, which has many bay windows. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to decorate a bay window ledge and the best bay window design ideas. 

1. Make Use of Extra Space

Make use of the extra shelf space underneath your bay windows. Place back-facing furniture in the room as a focal point, and opt for heavy curtains for the windows to create a more inviting atmosphere.

You could consider open shelves for your cookbooks or closed cabinets if you prefer a more streamlined look.   

2. Drawing Attention To Outside Or Inside 

Alternatively, you can use the space to focus on the interior and create a welcoming space. Again, it depends on how you use your room and whether you want to draw attention outside or inside of your house. 

Which one you choose will largely depend on how you use the bay window space (furnished or not), and whether you want to turn your gaze outside with some exterior bay window decorating ideas, or focus inward for a more welcoming, warm, and open feel.  

3. Long Curtains And Railings 

Long curtains over your Windows that close in front of a bay window on a straight path are good if you want to create more coziness and focus the room inward.

Hang curtains separately in each section, choose a more traditional approach to a modern bay window with two curtains hanging at each end that is large enough to match the center of the bay window when pulled, or hang one curtain that is at one end and stretched across all sections.    

For a simple, unpretentious look, hang thin metal railings in front of bay windows. Then you can use light muslin or linen curtains to create privacy without blocking the light.

Hang decorative curtains on each side of the window, or hang clear panels over blinds. You can frame your windows with contrasting shutters or flower baskets to make them stand out even more.   

4. Blinds

You can also add some color to your bay window design using blinds, or blinds. For a more formal look, control the light, or if you need privacy, you can add curtains, blinds, awnings, or blinds to the bay window.

Instead of thick window bars, consider thin walls so you can let in more sunlight and make your room feel more spacious. Stick to basic window coverings like glossy blinds, shutters, or a custom set of curtains.   

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful stained glass window in your home, you’ll want to make the most of it with careful window dressing. When designing these spaces, you want the bay window to be included in the layout and design of the room, or at least considered spatially.   

5. Accents 

For a more formal living room, you can use curtains as bay window accents.   

With a bay window in the living room, you can use every inch of space by placing a sofa in the bay window. In a living room, if you have a desk or bay window closet that you want to hide, this curtain can act as the perfect screen while keeping the rest of the room tidy.   

The small desk fits perfectly into this space and creates a small space without being closed off. Whether you’re dreaming of a separate reading nook or extra seating for your kitchen or living room, a bay window is a perfect place to bring that idea to life.

While an architectural detail is an interesting addition to add interest to any room, it is awkwardly shaped for window treatments; but with the right know-how, bay windows can be easily decorated with curtain, blind, and shutter ideas.   

6. Upholstery 

You can add texture to a space with velvet upholstery, potted plants, or unique window decoration ideas. Use colors, patterns, and textures that grab attention and fit into the entire room.   

Roman blinds on each window provide flexibility as each shade can be set at different heights to create an interesting view and provide privacy when needed.

Roman blinds are an easy solution for bay windows, while curtains can add extra privacy and warmth, or they can simply be a decorative addition, framing a window for an elegant finish and without the need for pulling.

These curtains only need to be pulled over the sides of the niche and can be mounted on a simple batten installed at the top of each side window.

A Bay Window Is Great 

Bay windows are a good design choice for a living room, but they look just as great in a corner breakfast nook or sunny playroom.   

And as any interior design professional can attest, a good bay window treatment ties a room together. In fact, today’s bay windows can be easily combined and matched with any type of architectural project with custom frames and finishes or a combination of window styles such as hinged or sliding windows.

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