Why Group Travelers Are Choosing the Mercedes Sprinter Van Rental Over Other Vehicles

Check out a few more reasons why group travelers are ditching limos, party buses, and towncars for the sleek and styles Mercedes sprinter van.

In need of a transportation rental for an upcoming group outing? Maybe you’ve got your sites set on a fancy limousine or a cool party bus, but it’s time to start seriously considering the Mercedes sprinter van rental. Many individuals in need of rental transportation don’t even consider the sprinter van, mainly because they assume that the name Mercedes is synonymous with costly.

As it turns out, renting the Mercedes sprinter van is more cost-efficient than renting a limo or party bus for the same amount of time. This isn’t the only reason to opt for a sprinter van rental, though. Check out a few more reasons why group travelers are ditching limos, party buses, and towncars for the sleek and styles Mercedes sprinter van.

Many Rental Companies Offer Onboard WiFi

This isn’t always the case, but many Mercedes sprinter van rentals come with onboard WiFi. Most of these vans are newer than the old-school party buses, limos, and towncars, which means the majority of them come equipped with internet browsing capabilities.

Even if you have unlimited data from your wireless provider, it’s still nice to have the option to connect to WiFi. This gives you the chance to work on your laptop, or maybe you’re more into the idea of catching up on your Netflix shows.

It Can Comfortably Accommodate 13 Passengers

The minimum passenger count of a sprinter van is 13, but many models can hold more than this – it all depends on the seat configuration within the vehicle. The fact that it can comfortably hold a baker’s dozen or more is one of the main draws of the sprinter van. Just think about the special events you’ve attended in the past.

Whether you’ve rented a limo or bus for a wedding, prom night, bachelor party, or other special event, 13 is a great number. That allows for a fairly large wedding party, a decent-sized group for prom night, and a fun bachelor party get together with all of your closest buddies.

Onboard Entertainment Will Be Provided

By onboard entertainment, we don’t mean that the driver will be upfront putting on a comedy show or that a mariachi band will be playing tunes. The onboard entertainment provided on a sprinter van is pretty simple and comes in the form of DVD players and TV screens. Most vans come equipped with individual LCD screens for each passenger, but inquire about this beforehand.

There’s Enough Space to Stand

This feature may not be important to every passenger, especially the short ones, but it’s definitely an added perk. If you’ve ever seen a sprinter van, you’ve probably noticed its rather unusual shape. It resembles a rectangle, but a tall rectangle that offers plenty of standing room. This mean as you shuffle in and out of the van, you won’t have to hunch down, or even worse, crawl across the seats. Not only is this awkward, but also uncomfortable.

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