A Poor Dropshipping Software Isn’t the Reason for a Dropshipping Company’s Demise

When it comes to choosing a dropshipping software to help your eCommerce store run smoothly, the decision could make or break you.

When it comes to choosing a dropshipping software to help your eCommerce store run smoothly, the decision could make or break you. But shockingly enough, less-than-perfect software isn’t the culprit of dropshipping failure.

There’s a lot more to dropshipping success than a solid software. You might feel the need to blame your company’s failure on a software provider, but it is much more likely that one of these factors is responsible instead.

Choosing the Wrong Advertising Platform

The more realistic reason for the failure of your dropshipping company is that you’re choosing the wrong platforms for advertising. Getting the world out there about the products you’re selling is a must, but there’s really no point if you’re doing it on the wrong platforms. Just think about the differences between Facebook and Instagram users.

Back in the day, everyone and their mothers were using Facebook. Now, it just seems like their mothers are the ones using the social media platform. The younger generation has gravitated towards using Facebook’s trendier sibling, Instagram. If you’re reaching out to an older crowd, Facebook advertising is the way to go. For a younger target audience, Instagram or another social media platform might be a better choice.

Your Product Prices Are Too High

There’s nothing that turns off a potential product quite like a price tag that is set too high. With so many online stores and so many technology options for browsing them, most consumers don’t just check out one source before purchasing a product. They’ll compare prices of 3, 4, or even more online stores to ensure that they get the best deal. If your price is way above the other guys, your dropshipping business won’t be successful.

Failure to Focus on Customer Service and Support

You can focus on products and pricing all you want, but without solid customer support, you won’t go far. Cloudways says that “dropshipping doesn’t end when the customer’s product is dispatched. You will still have to reply to their queries and stay connected with them until they are satisfied with their products.” You need to be there for your customer until the order has been fulfilled. It’s even necessary to check-in afterward to see if everything is going OK.

Delays in Shipping and Order Fulfillment

The main perk of dropshipping is that you don’t actually have to purchase an inventory. You simply partner with vendors, choose which products you’d like to sell, and leave the shipping up to the vendors and suppliers. This is a unique model that has some major benefits, but there is one problem that might arise along the way.

Since you don’t actually have the products on hand, there is a higher chance of delays in shipping and order fulfillment. The main reason for this is that it’s more difficult to keep track of inventory that you don’t have complete control of. It is extremely important to stay organized, and an OMS/dropshipping software can help.

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