How to Create the Perfect Urban Modern Kitchen


They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it’s easy to see why. The kitchen is where meals are made, and laughter happens. Most people tend to gather in the kitchen!

However, if your kitchen looks worse for wear, it may be time to give it a little TLC. Revamping your interior design style with a modern flair can help you become the host with the most.

Want to create an urban modern kitchen? Keep reading for some of the best tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Decide on Your Layout

Before you begin, you’ll want to plan out your kitchen’s new layout. When it comes to modern kitchen designs, your options aren’t limited, so you’ll need to consider what will work best for you functionally.

The most common options are U- and L-shaped layouts. A U-shaped floorplan consists of having everything you need right around you. This is great for those who want to make cooking easier, though this space can feel cramped.

However, L-shaped layouts offer more space, as they are more linear in style. They offer a more open and spacious floorplan, though it may not be as convenient.

Monochrome Color Scheme

Another central facet of urban kitchen design is the color palette. Though some may appreciate the bright, eclectic look of a colorful space, if you’re trying to achieve a modern look, stick to one or two colors.

For example, having blue walls, brown cabinets, and white appliances can give off a more warm, cottage-inspired feeling. Opting for cream walls, white cabinetry, and white appliances, on the other hand, can provide a sleek design.

Keep Lighting in Mind

Next, you’ll want to ensure you don’t skip over the importance of kitchen lighting. You’ll want to choose contemporary lighting that stands out, highlighting your chic style.

From including LED strip lights under your cabinets to highlight your countertops to choosing a wood pendant light to act as the focal point of your kitchen, lighting can change the overall look of a space.

Natural Elements

Finally, you’ll want to incorporate natural elements into your space. Features like stone, metal, and wood can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Choosing stainless steel appliances is a great way to ensure your kitchen looks modern and sleek. You can also take advantage of your countertops by selecting a stunning marble material.

Create the Urban Modern Kitchen of Your Dreams

Kitchen design doesn’t have to be a hassle! Keeping these design ideas in mind will help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

Remember, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind when renovating your kitchen. Plan out your price point beforehand, so you aren’t caught off guard by the final price.

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