What to Do If You Feel a Loss of Interest in Everything

Feeling a loss of interest in everything is one of the major signs of depression. This is what you can do if this problem arises.

What if you felt so down and sad one day that you couldn’t even lift your head up to face the world? At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all been there.

But what if it happened again, and again, and you couldn’t find out why? If this applies to you and feeling down is becoming a repeat occurrence, you may be suffering from a loss of interest.

While it’s not depression, it can still cause long-term negative effects in your life.  So keep reading to find out what these things are and how you can address the root cause.


Self-reflection is a helpful tool for those moments when it feels like a loss of interest in everything has waned. It helps to analyze the cause of the feeling. Perhaps there is something in the external environment that is weighing on the person or perhaps it is an unconscious internal trigger.

Acknowledging the cause can help address it in a healthier way. The next step in this process of self-reflection is to re-establish the connection with things that used to bring interest and joy. Finding new interests that resonate can be a great outlet. 

Reach Out For Support

Trying to wrestle with complex feelings alone can lead to anxiety and depression. Make sure to reach out to family, friends, and even mental health professionals. Speaking to a loved one can help you make sense of what’s going on and they might even be able to help you find activities that spark your interest.

You can also look into finding support groups online or in your local area to talk to people who have gone through similar experiences about mental issues. 

Break Your Routine

This could be anything from changing up your morning routine to taking a different route to work. You could add new hobbies and challenges into your life as well, exercise, pick up a new sport, take up a class, or travel to a new destination. You can try mixing up the order of your daily tasks and tackling tasks in a different way than you usually do.

It’s important to take a timeout, try to relax, and be mindful. Make sure to also take breaks throughout the day and focus on one task at a time. Regular breaks will help you prioritize tasks so you don’t burn yourself out. 

Seek Professional Help If Needed 

If you feel a loss of interest in everything, it is important to take steps to find your motivation back. If you’ve been feeling like this for a long time, it’s important to seek professional help if needed. Ketamine treatment for depression can help you get to the root cause of why you’re feeling this way and provide evidence-based strategies that have helped others.

It can help uncover the root cause of your symptoms and provide you with the appropriate management and lifestyle changes. Professional help is important, especially if you do not feel as though your situation is improving.

Taking Steps to Overcome a Loss of Interest

When we experience a loss of interest in everything, it is important to take a deliberate and mindful approach to reengage with activities that inspire us. Finding new interests or rekindling old ones can help us turn the page and once again find purpose and joy. Take a small step today and remember that you have the power and strength to create a new and healthier lifestyle.

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