What Is Smokeless Gun Powder?: The Basics, Explained

What is smokeless gun powder, how is it made, and when was it invented? Our experts are breaking down the basics in this guide.

Are you a gun collector or enthusiast? If so, we’re sure you’ve heard of the different types of gunpowder out there. 

This article will explain everything you should know about smokeless gunpowder, its history, its functions, and more. That way, you can be better equipped to choose the best gun powders for your firearms.

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How Smokeless Gunpowder Is Made

Smokeless gunpowder is a process of nitrocellulose, also known as nitroglycerin, through nitro-compounding. This process involves treating nitrocellulose with acids, alkalis, and other chemicals. They interact with each other to increase the explosive power of the final product.

Nitroglycerin also helps stabilize and reduce smoke production when firing. Once you achieve the desired composition, it’s dried and crushed into granules that can be used in firearms.

These granules are mixed with other additives, such as nitrates and graphite powder. It creates gunpowder that’s used for ammunition. It’s more powerful and produces less smoke. It’s favored over other forms of gunpowder in civilian and military applications.

Types of Smokeless Gunpowder

Smokeless gunpowder is an essential part of traditional guns and modern weapons. There are various types available, each providing different levels of effectiveness and performance.

Single-Base Powders

They’re considered the most efficient form of powder due to their high burning rate. They also use less material than older types of gun powder.

These powders are a popular choice for target shooting, hunting, and most types of competitive shooting.

Double-Base Powders

It’s designed for use with rimfire and centerfire cartridges. It’s made from a combination of nitroglycerin, an organic nitrate that serves as a fuel, and a polymer binder that helps bond the particles.

It is a clean burning powder that’s designed to produce consistent and reliable performance. It’s also available in several different burning rates, so users can select powder loads that provide optimum performance for their particular cartridges and firearms.

When Was It Invented

The invention of smokeless gunpowder is credited to French chemist Paul Vieille in 1884. His vision resulted from trying to find a better, safer, and more efficient alternative to traditional black powder.

It revolutionized the art of firearms and allowed the development of more versatile and modern weapons. It was precarious when it was first produced, making it unsuitable for use in ammunition.

Later, inventors improved Vieille’s invention by adding a special stabilizing agent. It slowly became adopted as the primary form of gunpowder. This allows for a far greater range and accuracy than before. 

What Are the Properties of Smokeless Gun Powder

The properties of smokeless gunpowder are such that it produces a substantially cleaner burning process than black powder and less residue. It also burns faster, allowing for higher velocity in ammunition.

Using smokeless gunpowder can lead to a better experience and less reloading time. Overall, smokeless powder’s properties give users more safety and accuracy for our reloading. To start your journey, visit US Reloading Supply for the best smokeless gunpowder supplies.

Learn More About Smokeless Gunpowder Today

Smokeless gunpowder, also known as nitrocellulose, has revolutionized the firing of rifles, pistols, and machine guns. It is a robust, reliable ammo option that is safe, clean, and smoke-free.

It is an ideal choice for those looking to remain safe and efficient. Get yours and start firing away with confidence today.

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