What Are The 7 Types Of Skirting Boards?

What Are The 7 Types Of Skirting Boards?

Skirting boards are a widely used option by people these days. Their primary focus is to intensify the complete look of the house. The best thing about the skirting boards is that there is not just a single option that is available for the people. But the varieties of options are available. A person can choose the option from the Skirting World that they think will have durability and are also cost-effective in nature.

1.     Pencil Skirting

The person who wishes to provide the place with a complete finished look can go for the pencil skirting. The person who plans to use the option can use them even on plain and textured walls. In the market, they are generally available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even the choice is available to the people to select the color of the tiles.

2.     Metal Skirting

If we talk about metal skirting boards, then they are made using stainless steel. It will provide a rich look to the house. The interior of the house will get complete lightness with the use of metal skirting boards. In this type of skirting board, the chances of scratches are the least.

3.     Wooden Skirting

People who wish to give a wooden look to the house are generally the choice of the people. Generally, the house with granite, marble, and tiles can go for the wooden skirting boards. As a result, the house’s overall look will turn out to be sophisticated. Another best option for wooden skirting for people is to use them as ceiling works, walls, and light floors.

4.     Flush Skirting

Some of the flush skirting boards are known to add attraction to eth house. The one area is known to be at the same level o eth floors to increase the look of the house. The most significant advantage of using these skirting boards in eth house is that they do not catch the dist easily. the arrangement of the space is the best in case of the flush skirting.

5.     Double Layered Skirting

With the advancement in technology, people have even the option of double-layered skirting. Some of the people even call them as two toned skirting’s. The complete design is provided for the complete room of the house. The thing related to skirting is that they are costly compared to other options.

6.     Continued Skirting

Using the continued skirting boards at the place will take the house’s look to the next level. The name of the boards will represent the continuation of the elements in the interior of the house. They are available in a dark brown color that will increase the look.

7.     Movable Floor Skirting

Suppose a person is searching for an innovative method of skirting boards, then movable floor skirting. The installation of the movable skirting boards takes place beneath the cabinet. The design is known to be the best one for small houses and cities. A person can easily move them from one place to another.

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