Triple Pane Windows vs Double Pane Windows: All Features Compared

Windows can play a part in providing comfort for your building. What are the differences between triple pane windows vs double pane windows? Click to compare.

New windows aren’t cheap. If you plan to replace all windows in your home, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars.

So, why not consider window repair? While it’s less expensive than window replacement, there are times when repairing windows isn’t your best option. If there are structural problems, significant water leakage, and condensation issues, you need to replace your windows.

But which window replacement option is suitable for your home? Should you opt for double- or triple-pane windows? 

Read on as we discuss everything you should know about triple pane windows vs. double pane windows. 

Triple Pane Windows vs. Double Pane Windows: Is Thicker Better? 

Older homes typically have single-pane windows. Keep in mind that single panes let in cold drafts and don’t have any noise reduction properties.

Meanwhile, double- and triple-pane windows have two and three layers of glass, respectively. They’re more energy-efficient than single-pane windows because they’re great at home temperature regulation.

That means they keep your home warm during winter by preventing heat loss. Conversely, they’ll keep your house cool and comfortable during warm summer days by reflecting light and heat energy.

Now, you might ask, “Does that mean triple-pane windows are superior in terms of energy efficiency?” The simple answer is yes, but there are other factors to consider before choosing triple-pane over double-pane windows.

Energy Efficiency, Noise, Installation, and Other Considerations

Double-pane windows reflect 90% of energy, while triple-pane windows can reflect 97% heat and light. There’s no doubt the latter will save you more in heating and cooling bills. However, those savings might be negligible, considering the installation costs.

Since triple-pane windows are more oversized, they are more challenging to install. Your installer might make structural adjustments to ensure they fit, which of course, will cost you more. As an investment, you need to wait for a decade or more until your triple pane windows pay off. 

Regarding noise reduction, there’s not much difference between double- and triple-pane windows. As for security, triple panes are more efficient at deterring intruders, given that they’re more resistant to damage. Bottom line: If you live in a city with a cold climate, and if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, then triple-pane windows are worth the cost.

Important: Choose Your Window Installer With Care 

Whether you choose double-pane or triple-pane windows, proper window installation is crucial. You have to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste.

It doesn’t matter if the replacement windows are for a new home or an older house. You have to choose your installer carefully so that they can give you proper advice on which option to go for based on your needs and budget.

Ready to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly?

Replacing your windows is one way to make your home greener. If you’re still not sure about your options, though, you can always consult a window installer. They can provide you with more details about triple pane windows vs. double pane windows. 

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