Top 4 Places to Live in Hawaii: A Complete Guide

If you're exploring where to live in Hawaii, you're in the right place. Read this guide to learn the top places to settle down in the Aloha state today!

With a population barely exceeding 1.4 million people, Hawaii ranks 40th out of the 50 states. Though not many people live on the incredible islands that make up this state, they provide an amazing space to call home.

When exploring your options of where to live, you must consider a number of factors, ranging from safety to entertainment. Read on to learn about the four best places to live in Hawaii!

1. Kihei, Maui

Located on the Southeast shore, you will find the city of Kihei. This side of the island receives the most sunshine and the least amount of rain, making it an excellent place to live.

Set near the shores of Maalaea Bay, you get the perks of living near gorgeous beaches without paying an outrageous price for Hawaii property.

In fact, homes in this city are quite affordable. You will find it a practical place to live with plenty of gas stations, places to shop, restaurants, schools, and entertainment. You can also contact to improve the quality of your home.

Every fourth Friday, enjoy the town party set up for residents of this area. Meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of family-friendly activities. For an outside-of-the-box experience, visit the humpback whale sanctuary and learn about this wonderful species that roam the oceans so close to home.

2. Kona, Big Island

Do you dream of living off the beaten path, but still close to everything that makes Hawaii exciting? Kona may seem bustling near the shores and provides great nightlife in the central city, but it offers a quiet place to make your home in Holualoa, Kona.

Since it sits at a higher elevation, you can expect cooler temperatures than on the beaches. But, the small-town charm will warm your heart.

Expect to live a quiet and simple life in this farming community. But, also know that a drive around Kona Island only takes under 10 hours, making all of the excitement accessible.

3. Honolulu, Big Island

Honolulu boasts the title of the most livable city in the United States. Worldwide, it ranks number 22!

While families thrive in Mililani Town, senior citizens enjoy Kihei, and surfers hang ten in Haleiwa. If you want to live in the safest part of town, opt for East Honolulu.

As a gateway to the volcanic archipelago, you will find astounding beauty along the shores of Honolulu. While you can find everything you need for modern-day living, the island also carries strong influences from the ancient Hawaiian culture.

4. Kukuiula, Kauai

If a life of luxury calls to you, opt for a home in Kukuiula, Kauai. This city on the Southeast shore of the island hosts picturesque views and beaches the whole family will love.

Nature calls to the residents here, as you will find plenty of hiking trails around the area. Enroll the kids in a Hawaiian culture class so they can grasp a deeper understanding of their homeland.

Live in Hawaii Your Way

As you can see, what it means to live in Hawaii changes depending on which island you live on and the part of it that you call home. Decide what you want for your life and find it in this paradise.

Settling down means maintaining a property. Find useful tips on our ‘Household’ page!

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