Looking To Sell Your Home?

Looking To Sell Your Home?

5 Things That Can Add Value Instantly

Are you eager to add some value to your property? 

Buying a home equates to an investment in your future, and when it comes to adding value, there are key things that should be done and other projects that should be avoided. Annoyingly, some of these stay the same, and others shift, so where do you begin?

Without further ado, here are five things that can add a considerable amount of value to your home without a great deal of hassle. Enjoy!

Water Filter Tap

Starting with the kitchen, it is all well and good to get rid of old appliances and install newer ones, but what about having a water filtration faucet fitted?

This allows you to have filtered water without the large, coffee-pot-like devices, and, best of all, it adds instant value to your home. 

Smart Devices

Everybody has a smartphone with an AI assistant, like Alexa or Google Home, and so it stands to reason that if you have a home where all of this AI technology is integrated, it will add some serious value. 

Your home will need to be fully kitted out with AI systems to ensure it has value, so aim for dimmable lights and AI-operated thermostats and ensure all of the AI devices work together.


If 100 people were asked to picture a higher-end living room, chances are that at least 95 of them would state that such a setting should have a fireplace.

Even if it isn’t in working order, having a fireplace installed in your home’s living room (or a bedroom) can add a few dollars to your home’s value. If you want to have a working fireplace installed in your home, you need to apply to your nearby council to ensure that all of the required regulations are met. If you fail to have your fireplaces checked by an external source, you might create a legal issue with health and safety.


Most people love gardens, but sadly, very few people maintain their own, deeming it expensive or difficult to do so. 

However, a well-maintained garden will add a lot of dollar signs to your home’s value, especially if you are maintaining both the front and the back to a high standard. 

This doesn’t mean you have to make them over to be empty, soulless shells. Simply aim to make sure that they have defined borders, beautiful plants, and greenery, as well as striking flowers. Water features never hurt either, so it can be worth having a solar-powered water feature placed in your back garden too.

Converted Lofts or Basements

It was a trend that caught on in the 1990s, but in 2023, the appeal of having a converted loft or basement should not be overlooked.

Of course, most people opt for such conversions when they move into a property, not when they are trying to sell one, as it is a lengthy and expensive process. However, even having the structure of either a loft or basement secured can add value to the home, as it then goes from being an unusable space into whatever the new owners want it to be. 

This option is cheaper and should add more value to your property.

Remember, when you are selling your home, you need to add timeless features to it that would be appealing to most people, not just your own family. So, aim to ask your estate agents for advice!

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