The Benefits of Feeding Your Canine Grain Free Venison Dog Food

The first step in promoting well-being for your canine is to provide quality food. Come find out why venison should be in your dog's diet.

The first step in promoting health and wellbeing for your canine is to make a change in your pet’s food. There are so many different dog food brands to choose from, but the new craze among dog owners is grain free venison dog food. But is feeding your dog deer meat really necessary? And does it actually make a difference in a canine’s health?

The short answer is yes, it is both necessary and it can make a huge difference in your pup’s physical health. Not only does deer meat contain more protein than any other red meat, it also offers certain benefits to a canine’s health that beef does not. Since it contains less fat and cholesterol, it is considered the healthiest meat for dogs.

Venison is High in Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Dog food that contains high-quality deer meat also contains tons of vitamins and minerals that are essential to keeping a dog healthy. Venison is high in Vitamin B, zinc, phosphorus, and iron, all of which are important to dog health. These vitamins and minerals give a dog the energy that it needs to keep living life like an energetic puppy.

Venison is Not a Commercially-Produced Meat

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the meat industry these days. Major meat-producing companies are getting a lot of scrutiny on their practices, both on how the animals are treated and how the final product affects health. The chicken and beef industries are the main focus of this scrutiny since these are the two meats that are commercially produced at the highest rate.

Commercially-raised animals are often packed with harmful antibiotics, fed unhealthy diets, and treated horrendously. This doesn’t mean you have to turn to a vegetarian diet for your dog though. Instead, you can turn to a dog food that contains meats which are not commercially produced, such as venison.

Venison-Based Dog Food is a Good Choice for Canines with Food Allergies

Most food allergies in canines are caused by ingesting grains, especially wheat. Other allergies are associated with meats like beef and chicken. If your dog is showing signs of a beef/chicken allergy, it doesn’t mean that you have to cut out meat altogether. PetMD says that “Pet foods containing venison are a good option for dogs who may have food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources such as beef or chicken. Since venison is a novel protein, it may help reduce allergens and skin irritations in pets with food-related issues.” All in all, switching to a grain-free venison dog food can do wonders for your dog.


Many dogs have food allergies without their owners even knowing it. Food allergies come in many forms in canines, including itching, shedding, and digestive issues. If your pup is experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be time to switch dog food brands. The ultimate choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities is a grain free food containing venison.

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