Smart Sleeping Choices for Small Spaces

Sleeping arrangements can be tough if you have smaller rooms. Explore smart sleeping choices for small spaces and free up some room!

The global interior design industry is worth around $150.7 billion, and a key part of this is maximizing space in smaller dwellings. 

If you live in a house or apartment that lacks space, you have to decide which pieces of furniture you’re prepared to give up for the sake of space. Of course, one piece of furniture you can’t live without is your bed. That’s why smart sleeping choices are so important in a smaller living space.

If you’re looking for sleeping arrangements for small spaces, it pays to do a little research first. Fortunately, we’ve packed this guide full of useful space-saving ideas.

Read on to learn more about smart sleeping choices for small spaces.


Beds occupy a lot of room, but they’re also essential. If you live in a small apartment and want to maximize your space, choose a daybed that can function as a sofa when you’re not sleeping.

Low-profile daybeds with open sides provide comfortable seating without the need for a regular sofa.

When placed in front of a large window, they help anchor the space without blocking the view and have all the functionality of a full-sized bed.

Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is a bed that can be stored upright against a wall. Depending on the model, some Murphy beds can also be folded into a closet or cupboard.

Because of their space-saving qualities and versatility, these types of beds are convenient for smaller spaces. During the day, you can use free-up floor space in one easy maneuver.

If you end up moving into a larger home, modern Murphy beds are perfect for visiting guests, too. Check out these wilding wallbeds for some great examples.

Sofa Beds

The average person spends around 1/3 of their life asleep. However, a lot of time is also spent relaxing on the sofa.

So why not buy a piece of furniture which serves both functions? A sofa bed is an excellent option for smaller homes because it can be folded away during the daytime.

Modern sofa beds are just as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as regular sofas, with the added benefit of space efficiency. Plus, they let you lounge around in front of the TV on your days off!

Loft Beds

In smaller homes, floor space is at a premium. A loft bed can help you reclaim a few extra feet.

A loft bed elevates your sleeping space, allowing you to fit a desk, sofa, or other furniture underneath. Think of a bunk bed with no bottom bunk, and you have a loft bed.

Loft beds also have the added benefit of keeping you cooler at night.

Beds For Small Spaces: What You Need to Know

So, that’s the 101 on smart sleeping choices for small spaces.

Just because you live in a smaller house or apartment, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort and functionality. You can make the best of your space by making smart sleeping choices.

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