6 Areas To Focus On During Your Next Home Renovation

6 Areas To Focus On During Your Next Home Renovation

Embarking on a home renovation project is an adventure on its own. With all the ways you can give your house a new makeover, the planning and decision-making process is possibly the most difficult part.

Since running through renovation ideas can be overwhelming without proper direction, it is best to take it one step at a time and identify the key areas of focus for your home renovation first. By prioritizing these areas, you can ensure that your home transformation is visually appealing and also functional and efficient. This is especially true if you plan to reside in your home for a long time, like many people in some cities, such as Alexandria, VA, do. According to the US Census Bureau, 42.9% of residents in this city own the homes they’re staying in, so those residents can consider certain home improvements to make their space feel more comfortable.

For your guidance, here are some crucial areas to consider when planning your next home renovation.

1.      Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a backyard, a balcony, or a small patio, renovating these areas can add to the aesthetics of your home and bring further value to it.

Update the walls and flooring of your outdoor spaces, paint anything that’s fading away, and replace broken or damaged areas, such as the roof. If you live in an old house, you may need to replace the roof because roofs usually only last for about 25 to 50 years.

This renovation may even help you increase the value of your home, which is great if you’re planning to sell it soon, which can be particularly lucrative in a place like Alexandria, VA, where the median house price is $666,500, according to Redfin. If you have noticed damage to the roof of your home, hit up the search engine and look for Alexandria roof repair near me to get it back in optimum shape.

2.      The Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is often overlooked but necessary, especially if your bathroom is not moisture-resistant. It does not matter whether the bathroom is in the master bedroom, a guest bedroom, or your lounge. You must ensure they run in pristine condition to keep your house value up.

Fun fact? Many potential buyers or house tenants base their decisions on bathroom conditions, amongst other things. After all, a bathroom is one of the rooms people use the most throughout the day. A well-designed and modern bathroom will add value to your home and improve your daily life—unwinding feels much easier when you do it in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Upgrade your faucets, showerheads, and toilets to enhance style and functionality. Upgrading the flooring, tiles, and storage space can transform the overall look of your bathroom and make it more aesthetic, comfortable, and organized.

3.      The Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can enhance both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Consider replacing outdated appliances with trendy and energy-efficient models to give your kitchen a sophisticated look while improving efficiency. Furthermore, there are many new and running design ideas for countertops and cabinets, so go through the many design options and take your pick.

While you are at it, run through flooring options as well to get a neat and modern kitchen floor. Choose your aesthetic, match your choices with your Pinterest mood board, and give your kitchen the makeover you always wanted.

4.      The Bedrooms

After the kitchen and the bathroom, the bedroom is one of the most important areas to focus on when remodeling. Sure, a well-renovated bedroom will contribute to a higher house value, but that is not all. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe space, and updating it according to your needs can make it all the more comfortable and peaceful.

A well-designed bedroom can improve your overall mood and health. First, update to a mattress that can give you peaceful rest throughout the night. Also, incorporate comfortable seating arrangements to relax and read a book, perhaps.

Once you have considered your comfort, it is time to move on to the color scheme and aesthetic pieces of furniture to give your bedroom a whole new look. Between beds, nightstands, shelves, and wardrobes, there are so many options to choose from. Go with the designs that match your bedroom vision.

5.      Storage Solutions

A home renovation project is a good opportunity to declutter your house. However, if decluttering still leaves you with heaps of storage stuff, you may want to shift focus to enlarging your house’s storage space instead. There are so many ideas for clever storage solutions throughout the house that you could take inspiration from. Built-in shelves, open shelves, customized closets, and storage units can help reduce clutter and keep your home organized. If nothing else, utilize the space under your stairs like in Harry Potter, and make a cupboard for additional storage space.

6.      Smart Technology

You may not be able to incorporate AI technology in your house like Tony Stark just yet, but there are still so many ways you could include technology within your four walls and enhance the functionality and convenience of your living space.

Consider installing smart lighting systems, automated blinds, and smart locks for additional security and ease of use. Many people have started to invest in home automation systems to control lighting, heating, and entertainment in the house from a single device or smartphone app. Incorporating smart systems in your home needs time and work, so take advantage of your home renovation to modernize it all in one go.


A successful home renovation requires careful consideration of various areas within your living space. Only after thorough planning can you achieve the perfect execution of ideas. While you may be eager to start on the ideas of your choice, it is best to consult with professionals before you start your project to get experts’ advice on the best and most appropriate choices for your given space.

And most importantly, don’t stress through the journey: learn to enjoy it!

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