Refurbished vs. Used Medical Equipment: How to Decide Which One to Buy

Are you facing a dilemma on whether to buy refurbished or used medical equipment? Then here are things to help you decide.

Do you need to get affordable medical equipment that functions properly? Not sure if you should buy refurbished or used medical equipment?

Medical facilities dispose of an estimated $765 billion worth of medical supplies each year. Unfortunately, much of the equipment that healthcare organizations get rid of is in working order.

While it’s not necessary to buy new equipment for your medical organization to get great functionality and reliability, you should carefully consider whether you buy used or refurbished equipment.

Here’s how to decide between buying used and refurbished medical equipment.

Why Refurbished Is Usually Better

There are many reasons why it makes sense to buy refurbished instead of used medical devices. Here’s what you should consider.


Something to realize about refurbished equipment is that it will include lengthy warranties that will provide protection in case of equipment breakdowns later on. This warranty will usually be 12 months or more.

Whatever type of equipment you buy, however, it’s important to find out the specifics of the warranty before making a purchase.

Great Reliability

Unlike other kinds of electronics and technology, refurbished medical equipment, such as mindray monitors, can work as well as brand new medical equipment. Refurbished equipment will provide the same level of reliability.

Medical equipment has longer life cycles than other types of technology, so using refurbished equipment won’t impact patient outcomes.

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Checked by Experts

If a piece of medical equipment has been refurbished, then an expert will have checked it thoroughly.

The expert will have cleaned the equipment on both the inside and outside, replaced worn-out parts with new ones, and tested and recalibrated equipment to a “like new” condition. They will also have upgraded firmware and run a complete set of tests to ensure that it’s working as it should be.

Problems With Used Medical Equipment

There are many reasons why you’ll probably want to avoid buying used medical equipment. Here’s what you should know.

Sold As-Is

When buying used equipment, it will usually be sold as-is and without any warranty. If it includes a warranty, it will likely be less than 90 days and this may indicate that it could fail on you.

Used equipment won’t be checked carefully or certified like refurbished equipment. This could lead to problems sooner or later.

May Need a Replacement Sooner

While used equipment could work well, it’s likely that it will need a replacement sooner than refurbished or brand new equipment. Used equipment may or may not last a long time after buying it.

If you want to avoid making replacements as often, it’s a good idea to buy refurbished equipment instead.

Bigger Risks

While some of the used equipment out there is reliable and sold by high-quality and trustworthy parties, this isn’t always the case. It can be risky to buy used equipment if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t check it properly.

It may be worth it financially to try to find a reliable used equipment seller. However, you can avoid the potential risks if you buy refurbished instead.

Making the Choice Between Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

If you need to buy affordable medical equipment, be sure that you understand the differences between refurbished and used medical equipment. There is some risk involved with both types of equipment. However, you’ll be most likely to experience problems when buying used equipment that is offered as-is.

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