Ultimate Guide to Implementing Hygiene Standards in Having Portable Restrooms

Ultimate Guide to Implementing Hygiene Standards in Having Portable Restrooms

Historically, portable restrooms have been a veritable banquet for germs and pathogens. However, with a strict agenda and superior products that provide eco-friendly odor control and freshness, cleaning portable toilets is possible and highly practical. Safeguarding personnel, patients, and visitors is a top priority. Learn how to implement new hygiene standards with this guide.

Clean the Interior

The inside of a portable toilet might have a shitty reputation, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Modern porta potties from foothillportables.com are designed to be easy to clean. They are confined spaces without many hiding spots for bacteria and dirt to accumulate in. A regular cleaning and emptying schedule paired with superior odor control products can keep portable bathrooms smelling fresh. Touchpoints, or the parts of the toilet that people use the most frequently, should be cleaned frequently. The recommended method of cleaning these areas is to use a disinfecting solution and apply what’s known as the eight-fold method. It requires folding a clean rag twice and using one side to wipe down a touch point before turning it over to the next surface area. It’s also essential to ensure that restroom supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene, and air fresheners are stocked for your guests. These simple steps will help your guests feel confident and sanitary when using Foothill Portables.

Clean the Outside

Since portable restrooms are constantly out in the elements, they will naturally get dirty over time. To keep them looking clean and fresh, wiping down all touchpoints with a powerful cleaning solution at least twice a week is recommended. It includes the toilet seat, door handles, and other surfaces that are frequently touched. To properly sanitize these areas, it is essential to use the eight-fold method, which involves folding a clean rag twice before using one side to wipe down a surface touchpoint and then turning it over to clean another. To simplify this process, consider using numbered microfiber towels with markings to indicate which section should be used next. Dirty portable bathrooms are a turnoff for guests and can cause them to avoid the restroom altogether. However, thorough and diligent maintenance with superior products can ensure a cleaner and more pleasant experience for all guests. 

Wear Gloves

Germs and bacteria lurk on the surfaces of sinks, toilets, and floor drains and can lead to infections if touched with bare hands. Harsh cleaning chemicals can also damage skin and promote the growth of harmful fungi like mildew and mold. Wearing gloves while cleaning a portable bathroom can help prevent these hazards from harming you and others.

A good pair of rubber gloves is critical when cleaning a portable bathroom. Select a snug pair for the foot but comfortable enough to allow for agility. Latex or nitrile gloves are popular for bathroom cleaning due to their chemical resistance, durability, and comfort. Vinyl gloves are a suitable substitute if you have a latex allergy. Few studies have focused on HCPs’ glove-use behavior during patient-related activities and the surface locations they touch with their potentially contaminated gloves. Understanding this phenomenon is essential for promoting adherence to standard hand hygiene guidelines.

Wash Your Hands

Hand washing is one of the most important things you can do to stay clean and reduce your chances of catching germs and diseases. It would help to wash your hands before and after using the toilet, prepare food, touch animals, blow your nose or sneeze, treat wounds, care for someone sick, go to the emergency room, and more. Many portable restrooms have sinks for washing your hands. You can also find mobile handwashing stations for hygiene on the go with foot pumps, allowing you to turn the water on and off without touching the pump with dirty hands. Adding a handwashing station is an easy way to increase the cleanliness of your portable restrooms. The station can be stocked with soaps, towels, and hand sanitizer. To help keep unpleasant scents under control, you can even decide to use a deodorizer. The best part is that sanitizing and cleaning a portable bathroom is as simple as cleaning and maintaining any other restroom.

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