Natural Toothpaste vs Regular Toothpaste: Which Is Better?

There is quite a debate about natural toothpaste being better vs storebrand regular toothpaste. Explore our in depth look at which toothpastes are the winners.

Having a cavity can ruin a day, week, or even month. Dental problems are no joke and should be taken seriously. Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent any problems, and that all starts with brushing your teeth.

You may have been using the same toothpaste for a long time before considering other options. There are many options today, including the decision to use natural toothpaste or a more standard brand. But which is best for your teeth? 

All in Ingredients

When it comes to the best natural toothpaste and other standard options, it is all about the ingredients. Many people are looking for fluoride-free toothpaste due to recent controversy about it, but fluoride is naturally occurring and helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. 

If you want to go more natural, you could try mixing and matching, using fluoride in the morning, and going fluoride free in the evening or mixing them together.

Some other ingredients you will want to look for include Xylitol, Hydroxyapatite, and Erythritol, among others. These can help prevent bacteria and, in turn, help save you from cavities. 

Dentist’s Decision

One of the best things you can do is talk to your dentist if you’re worried about using the right toothpaste. You can voice your concerns and ask for good organic toothpaste recommendations. Some dentists prescribe specific toothpaste for a reason, so always talk to them if you are using a brand they previously told you about. 

And while some toothpaste can help lightly whiten, it can’t fix all issues. If you feel like your teeth aren’t looking how you’d like, a cosmetic dentist could be what you need, like those found at There is only so much a good toothpaste and brushing routine can provide. 

Natural Toothpaste

If you want to use all-natural toothpaste, there are plenty of good options that still use all the best ingredients to keep your teeth in tiptop shape. Hello’s whitening toothpaste with fluoride, Tom’s simply white fluoride toothpaste, and Aloesense naturally soothing fluoride toothpaste are all great options. 

While you can also find fluoride-free toothpaste by these brands, fluoride is a good ingredient for teeth. It is also found in nature and should not be something you cut out.

Standard Toothpaste

There are also plenty of good options available by the standard brands that aren’t advertised as all-natural but will still do wonders for your teeth. Crest and Colgate both have good options and some that have more natural ingredients. Sensodyne is great for more sensitive teeth, and Arm & Hammer has a great whitening toothpaste. 

The Top Toothpaste

While you might want one toothpaste to be the best, it depends on your teeth and what you need. You may need toothpaste for more sensitive teeth or one that can help with gum health. Everyone has different things they may need to target, so choose the toothpaste that works best for you.

Natural toothpaste can be a great choice, but be sure you make sure the important ingredients are present. And if this helped you get some good options for your next toothpaste to try, keep reading for more top tips. 

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