How to Keep a House Clean: 11 Important Tips

There are several house cleaning tips you need to remember. You can click here to learn more about how to keep a house clean.

Keeping your home clean all the time can be intimidating. Juggling between work, running errands, parenthood, and chaos in everyday life makes daily house cleaning impossible. But that doesn’t mean you leave all the mess around.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take up all your time if you do it right. With that in mind, here’s how to keep a house clean.

1. Start by Making Your Bed

The bedroom is where you start your day, so take some minutes when you wake up and make your bed. This is the best way to start your day. Start by simplifying your bedding if you want things to be a bit easier.

If you don’t like tucking in the bed sheets, consider getting a removal cover for your duvets. This will make it easy because you’ll just remove the cover and have a clean bed.

But if you love your top sheets, don’t be afraid of minimizing the number of pillows on your bed. You can also use a large comforter in your bed.

2. Put Things in the Right Place After Use

Ensure you put everything away in its rightful place. Picking after yourself gives you an easy time and makes your work easier. Ensure that anything you wear, use, and move ends up in the right place.

It’s easy to leave some of your dishes on the sink, leave your shoes on the front door, and leave your shirts on the bed. But these small piles can turn your home into a disaster.

If you have too much clutter in your home, consider some DIY closet organization ideas for storing your belongings. Some DIY ideas include decorative baskets, hangers, mail sorter, and storage units.

3. Learn How to Keep a House Clean with a Schedule

Create a schedule for your cleaning, which involves tackling one room at a time.  Cleaning one room at a time helps you accomplish your tasks within a short time. A cleaning schedule enables you to keep your home organized and clutter-free the entire week.

Create a list of cleaning, so you know what to do at what time. Your schedule shouldn’t only focus on what needs to be done but when it needs to be done. Keep your home in perfect shape all year round by splitting your household chores into daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

4. Spend 10-15 Minutes on a Nightly Power Cleanup

Are you the kind of person who hates going to bed knowing that your home is in a mess? Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes lying on your kitchen sink. Take roughly 15 minutes to enjoy the benefits of power cleaning.

This will prevent clutter from piling in your home. You can involve your other family members in small household cleaning chores. These can be simple tasks like folding and putting away laundry. You can start by getting rid of the things creating the biggest mess before you retire to bed.

5. Keep Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

When you have cleaning supplies close to where you can use them, you’ll save a lot of time. For example, if you’re going to clean your bathroom, ensure you have a toilet scrub brush and spray bottle with water and vinegar nearby.  This makes it much quicker and easier to give your toilet a quick wipe.

You won’t have to waste time tracking down your cleaning supplies. You won’t need to walk up and down and eat up the time you’d use doing other essential tasks.

6. Take Note of the High Traffic Areas

If you concentrate on keeping high traffic areas clean daily, you can reduce the spread of dirt and dust in your entire home. Ensure you have a dedicated spot for shoes at the entrances to remind everyone to take off their shoes. This can help in containing dirt in one spot.

Place doormats at your doorstep to trap the incoming dust. If you have home pets who like moving in and out, place an old towel at the doorstep to quickly wipe their paws when they come in. Remember to sweep and vacuum these areas regularly.

7. Hire a Professional to Help You

Not all cleanings are equal. Some household cleanings need to be done regularly, while others one for a while. You can tackle the regular tasks yourself. The less frequent tasks such as deep cleaning a home need professional help.

But before you go for a house cleaning company, check the going rate for a house cleaning service. Make sure you don’t go beyond your budget by hiring a professional cleaner.

8. Delegate House-Cleaning Tasks

House-cleaning should be a group effort and not meant for an individual, unless you live alone. Delegating house chores to your kids keeps your home clean and makes them responsible adults. Everyone should participate in cleaning chores like dusting, vacuuming, emptying the trash, and sweeping.

There should be no excuse for not getting involved in household chores. If they have allergies, there are many cleaning products for people with allergies. If you make a routine of cleaning the house together, it will become a habit.

9. Develop Daily Laundry Habit

Doing your laundry daily can save you a lot of stress. Ensure you clean some of your clothes before heading to work.

Use that little time after dinner to transfer your damp clothes to the dryer. Then fold them while watching your favorite TV program.

Just make sure you do it before going to bed. If you don’t know what to wash, you can also use a laundry sorting hamper. Put the load in the machine in the morning, then turn it on when you get back home.

10. Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is something that you need to implement from time to time. This keeps your home organized and reduces the amount of time you’ll need to clean. You’ll have an easy time cleaning those accessible areas after decluttering.

You can hire a professional house cleaner to help you with decluttering if you don’t know where to start.

11. Clean Surfaces Every Time You Cook

Don’t leave countertops dirty after cooking, as this will attract household pests. After emptying your dishwasher, you can load your dishes after meals then wipe your kitchen counters. Put away any food, then spray and clean the rest of the kitchen surfaces.

A Clean House Saves Time and Money

Mastering how to keep a house clean may look like a lifetime activity, but rewarding if you dedicate yourself. If you keep your home clean and organized, you save a lot of your time and money. You’ll’ get things that waste your time out of your way and keep germs away.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with daily chores and how to organize your entire home, we’ll get you covered. We have all the helpful information that can help you keep your home and life in order.

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