How to Increase the Speed of Your Mobility Scooter

How to Increase the Speed of Your Mobility Scooter

Do you wish your mobility scooter would go a bit faster?

Perhaps your scooter used to be quicker but has started to get slower over time?

Either way, the below blog is just what you need to improve the overall speed of your mobility scooter and get you from A to B in record time.

Get a new battery

One of the most common reasons why your mobility scooter is not going as fast as it should be is due to an old battery. Over time, batteries start to lose their power which means that your mobility scooter cannot perform as it should.

Also, if you have a low-voltage battery, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher-voltage one as this makes your scooter go faster. You may also want to invest in more battery chargers for mobility scooters so you don’t get caught short when you are out and about. 

Upgrade the motor

Again, if the motor of your mobility scooter is getting on a bit, this can have a negative effect on how fast you can go. Therefore, if you have had your scooter for some time, you may want to think about getting a new one.

If you have a low-wattage motor, this can also make your mobility scooter slower. If this is the case, upgrade to a higher-wattage motor, and you will instantly see a difference in how fast you are able to go.

Reduce the weight

The more weight your mobility scooter has to hold, the slower it will go. While you may not want to lose weight yourself, there are other ways that you can reduce the overall weight that your scooter has to hold and, in turn, increase its power.

Try removing its storage box and spare tire, and don’t carry any unnecessary luggage when you travel.

Replace the drive belt

If you have had your mobility scooter for a long time and you have only recently noticed its speed start to decrease, this could be because there is an issue with the drive belt. This can succumb to wear and tear over time and become less efficient.

Check the condition of your drive belt and invest in a new, wider one for maximum speed efficiency.

Invest in quality tires

Tires that boast low friction are the best choice if you want your mobility scooter to go faster. It can also be beneficial to replace old tires and to invest in slightly bigger tires which can also boost your overall speed.

Do not opt for tires that are too large though, as this can affect the comfort of your driving experience.

Make sure that you also regularly check the pressure of your tires, as optimal pressure can improve both their traction and your scooter’s speed.

Carry out regular maintenance

Good maintenance is essential if you want your mobility scooter to perform at its best. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and carry out scooter tuning on a regular basis.

Do not make any modifications to your scooter unless you are qualified to do so, and take note that any you do make can void the warranty.

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