How to Fix Broken Garage Door Tracks

Are you dealing with broken garage door tracks? If so, you can use this troubleshooting guide for help. Learn more here.

Are you dealing with a garage door that won’t go up or down? 

Repairs for broken garage door tracks are generally easier than replacing the entire door. However, if you aren’t confident with garage door parts, it can be confusing. If not done properly, you may wind up causing further damage.

Fortunately, even if you aren’t a handy person, you can usually find broken garage door track replacement tutorials online. Here are some basic tips on how to fix a broken garage door track.

Identifying the Problem

Identifying the problem with broken garage door tracks is very important if a fix is going to be successful. An important piece of troubleshooting is to first inspect the tracks and all the hardware. If they are misaligned, bent, or out of level, the door will not be able to travel safely.

Check the alignment of the tracks, looking for any signs of damage or signs of wear. Look for broken or bent parts, any loose bolts and nuts, and any debris that might be stuck in the tracks. You may also want to inspect the rollers for wear and tear; if the rollers are worn or bent, it will be difficult for the door to move along the tracks. 

Finding a Replacement

Fix garage door tracks is a relatively straightforward process, but it does require some DIY know-how and a few acquired tools. Before attempting any repairs, it is important to take a comprehensive inventory of the old tracks and make sure all the components are accounted for before purchasing a replacement.

A jigsaw, drill, and screwdriver are essential tools for this task. Begin by uninstalling the old, broken tracks and carefully examining each component. Make sure to purchase identical tracks, paying close attention to the correct length, angle, and weight. 

Practical Preparations

When it comes to fixing a broken garage door track, you should always start with practical preparations. Make sure you have the proper tools on hand, such as a socket set or wrench. Unplug the electric door opener, too. Check the condition of the damaged area, and secure the affected track with clamps or duct tape.

Use a ladder and hammer to secure the other track as well. Remove the damaged track and replace it with a new one. Reconnect any of the components that you had previously disconnected. Finally, test the door to make sure it’s properly opening and closing. It should be in perfect working order after a few adjustments or minor repairs. 

Installing New Tracks

A broken garage door rails can seem daunting to repair- but it is actually a fairly easy (and often inexpensive) DIY project. First, you’ll need to detach the broken tracks from the brackets holding them in place- either use a screwdriver or a power drill, depending on the screws and the tracks.

Finally, you’ll need to ensure they are properly aligned. Use a level to ensure the new tracks are straight and adjust accordingly. Secure the tracks to the brackets and attach the spring or chain (depending on the mechanism of your door) to the opener. 

Maintenance and Testing

Proper care and maintenance of the garage door tracks can help to prevent damage to the track system and ensure the safe operation of the garage door. To fix broken garage door tracks, the first step is to identify the cause of the damage and determine the type and extent of the issue.

If the damage affects both tracks, then the entire track system should be replaced. Additionally, a garage door repair service checks the alignment of the tracks prior to the installation of a new track system. Doing so will ensure that the tracks are properly rendered and will ensure a smooth operation of the garage door. 

Removing a Bent or Broken Track

Garage door tracks can become bent or broken due to age, weather, or use. In order to fix this problem, the track must be removed and replaced. Begin by disconnecting the garage door using the manual release lever. Then, remove the metal slats and the springs from the garage door hinges.

Using a saw or a metal cutter, remove the tracks from the door opening, being careful to keep the metal slats and springs intact. Once the tracks are detached, check to see if they can be bent back into shape. If not, use a hacksaw to cut off the bent or broken section. 

Painting or Priming the New Track

Painting or priming the new track is a great way to fix broken garage door tracks. First, be sure to purchase the correct gauge of track. Once the track has been purchased, you want to make sure it’s properly prepared. This involves removing any rust and dirt using sandpaper or a wire brush and cleaning it with a degreaser or mixture of vinegar and water.

After preparation is complete, it’s important to apply two coats of quality paint or primer over the entire surface, focusing on the edges. The paint should be corrosion resistant and should be applied evenly with a paint brush or roller. It’s also important to let the paint or primer dry completely before attempting to reinstall the new garage door tracks. 

Learn More About Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks are essential for the smooth, safe operation of your garage door. Following the simple instructions in this article, you’ll be able to fix your broken garage door tracks in no time. To keep your tracks in top working condition, contact a professional to inspect and perform regular maintenance. 

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