How to Choose the Perfect Wall Light

The right wall light can help complete a room. You need to consider different external factors when choosing a wall light; learn more here.

Did you know that lighting is a key part of interior design? In fact, architectural experts have a series of rules regarding lighting that they rely on when planning the perfect space.

Overhead lighting is not the only thing you should think about in terms of function, design, and durability. If you’re considering installing a wall light in your hallway, a room in your home, or in your place of business, you should still take your time and make the right choice.

How do you decide on the perfect wall light? What different styles are available? What considerations about manufacturing and shipping should you make?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about selecting the perfect wall light for your needs.

Types of Wall Lights

First, let’s dive into the different kinds of wall lights. Nowadays, you’ll find wall lights in a wide variety of designs and “looks.” We can’t cover them all, but we’ll go over the most popular wall light designs.

Flush Wall Lights

Flush wall lights nest against the wall and don’t contain any moving elements. In other words, the lightbulb is close to the wall and the cover–whether it is a fabric, glass, or metal shade–is flush with the wall. 

When you purchase a flush wall light, it will cast the brightest light either directly up or down the wall. (Some flush lights may have shades that are open on both the top and bottom, giving you a double glow.) They tend to create a softer ambiance without providing as much light for the room.

Elegant or Classic Wall Lights

Elegant or classic wall lights often resemble traditional sconces, although they may have a bit of a modern or surprising twist. The base is almost always a classic metal–either silver, gold, or bronze. The bulb and shade are not flush, but instead, stick out a few inches from the wall. 

These particular wall lights are as aesthetic as they are functional. When you opt for an elegant or classic wall light, the shade will stand out as a focal point. Shades may be made of silk or they may be made of decorative glass.

Urban or Modern Wall Lights

Urban or modern wall lights are perfect for any industrial or rustic space. Typically, they are made of black metal that allows the bulb to not only shine through but also remain visible. Urban wall lights are a bit like lanterns with a modern industrial-chic twist.

Bedside or Reading Wall Lights

Bedside or reading wall lights come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The key component is that they typically have a movable neck that allows you to pull the light closer or push it up against the wall. Some of these movable necks may also allow you to raise or lower the light.

Most bedside or reading wall lights will have a traditional fabric shade. This helps to soften the light while still providing enough illumination to see the words on the page in front of you!

Considerations You Should Make When Picking a Wall Light Design

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the different kinds of wall lights, let’s talk about what you should consider when picking one for yourself. The three main components you’ll want to consider are purpose, aesthetic, and material.


The purpose of your wall light is the first thing you should consider. Is this wall light supposed to add a little bit of ambiance to the room or do you need it to provide a large amount of illumination? Are you hanging it high on the wall to bring attention to high ceilings or are you placing it lower on the wall for reading or visibility purposes? 


Naturally, aesthetic is an important part of choosing a wall light. Unlike recessed overhead lighting, wall lights are noticeable. It’s best to think of them is part of your decor–which means that it should mesh well with your overall design.


When we talk about the material we are referring to the wall light, itself, but also to the surface you intend to attach it to. For example, a heavy wall light may not be ideal for thin drywall, while some hardware may not be equipped to attach to brick or stone. Make sure you understand what materials you’re working with and which ones are appropriate for your design.

Selecting the Right Wall Light Company for Your Order

How do you decide who to purchase your wall light from? If you intend to order your wall light online, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

The first is shipping time. When you’re ordering something that is both aesthetic and functional, you want to give yourself plenty of time in the event that it arrives broken or defective. Quick shipping time can make that easier.

The second is a solid return policy. Many of the components of a wall light are fragile and while a good company will take precautions when packing and shipping your purchase, accidents can happen. You want to rest assured that if anything shows up with an issue, you can replace it or get your money back with minimal hassle.

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Set the Right Mood With the Perfect Wall Light

Picking out your lighting is more important than you may think. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your lighting sets the right vibe and compliments your aesthetic seamlessly. With our guide to picking a wall light, you’ll be able to do exactly that!

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