5 Home Improvement Jobs You Should Never Do Yourself

When it comes to home maintenance, some things are better left to the professionals. Here are 5 home improvement jobs you should never attempt yourself.

During the pandemic, homeowners found themselves with more time on their hands. This is why numbers shot up from 60% to 80% in just a few months when it came to the number of homeowners starting DIY home maintenance, repair, and remodeling projects.

But just because you feel like you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean you should! Here are 5 home maintenance jobs you should never DIY.

1. Mold Removal

For anything under 10 square feet, it should be ok for you to remove on your own. However, if your mold is widespread in your home, you’ll need to have professionals come in. This is because they might need to lift up carpeting and open up walls to fully remove all the mold.

If you try to DIY it, you might not get everything. Plus, you might experience adverse reactions from mold exposure, as well as exposure to any chemicals you use. And after all that, you probably won’t have removed all traces of the mold either, which means it’ll just come back.

2. Roof Replacement

Just getting up on your roof is a dangerous task. Now imagine removing everything up there and replacing it with a new roof.

If you try to do a home renovation on your own, you could fall off the roof and hurt yourself. Not to mention, your roofing materials may not be covered under warranty since many require that a qualified contractor install them.

3. Window Replacement

Here’s another home improvement project you should leave to the pros, no matter how easy it seems. Like with roof replacements, you might hurt yourself. Not only that, but improper installation can mean water leaks and decreased energy efficiency.

DIYing window replacements can also void the manufacturer’s warranty if you don’t do it right (which is very likely).

4. Toilet Replacement

There are fumes that can come up through the drain pipe. If you don’t cut that off properly, you might inhale dangerous fumes during installation.

Also, toilets weigh more than you think. They weigh about 100 pounds, which can do some damage if you don’t handle them right or drop them on accident.

Lastly, if you don’t install a toilet correctly, it’s likely to leak, which can cause mold and mildew issues.

5. Asphalt Driveway Repair

If you’ve noticed holes in your asphalt driveway, you might want to repair it. If you keep driving on it, it won’t just ruin your car. It’ll also shorten your driveway’s lifespan.

Have a professional fix this for you and consider it an investment in your safety. They’ll be able to do the job right on the first try and they can do it quickly too.

For more information, read this article on 5 important reasons to contract asphalt driveway repairs.

Leave Home Maintenance to the Pros

Now you know all about the home maintenance tasks that you should never attempt yourself. While some jobs might seem like they’re easy to do, they’re best handled by experts who have the skills and experience to do them right. So do yourself a favor and hire a professional!

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