Concealed Carry Shorts – An Essential for the Summer Heat

Concealed Carry Shorts - An Essential for the Summer Heat

If you’re looking for concealed carry shorts this summer, look no further. These shorts are designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and safe while carrying your firearm.

Concealment in shorts is easy, especially if you are IWB or carrying with a high-ride OWB holster and can conceal under an untucked shirt.

Lightweight Fabric

The heat of summer can be a challenging time for concealed carry. This is especially true for those carrying inside-the-waistband (IWB) or high-riding OWB holsters.

For this reason, many concealers opt to omit outerwear altogether and carry only with shorts. This can pose some challenges to concealment, but there are strategies to overcome this challenge.

The fabric used in concealed carry shorts should be lightweight and breathable. This will keep the wearer cool and comfortable all day long.

Breathable Fabric

The breathable fabric used in concealed carry shorts can make all the difference in keeping cool and dry during the hot summer heat. Linen, cotton, jersey, and chambray are all lightweight and thin fabrics that circulate airflow to help keep you cool.

However, summer-weight clothing styles (pants, shorts, and skirts) can be problematic when carrying a firearm due to the lighter and weaker waistbands that often come with them.

If you’re looking for a way to get around this problem, try a holster that doesn’t depend on the waistband, like a belly band style holster that doesn’t require a belt. If you opt for this type of holster, invest in a quality band, as sub-quality bands can roll down on your belly when you’re wearing them, which is very uncomfortable.

Concealed Carry Pockets

When carrying concealed, a certain amount of challenge comes with the relationship between one’s clothing and how one carries it. It can reach the point where a person may leave their firearm at home because it is too uncomfortable to carry with their normal gear.

This is where a little thought and planning can go a long way in making one’s clothes conducive to concealment.

Many conceal carry shorts use concealed carry pockets that allow you to place your pistol without fumbling with a drawstring or similar. They are also ideal for those who want to avoid wearing a belt.

Tuckable Pockets

During the summer heat, it is common for many people to forego the extra layer of clothing and opt for shorts. This allows them to stay cool and is often a great strategy for concealed carry.

Tuckable pockets are one of the most important features of concealed carry-in shorts. This will allow you to tuck your holster in and easily access it when you need it, which will save you time and help you stay comfortable all day!

Elastic Waistband

For the summer heat, a good pair of concealed carry shorts will keep you cool and comfortable. They are made from breathable fabric and feature an elastic waistband that makes them easy to put on.

A soft elastic waistband is much easier to work around and push out of the way than a stiff belt. Elastic waistbands are not prone to snapping or sagging, making them the ideal choice for concealed carry.

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