3 Cultured Interior Design Styles

3 Cultured Interior Design Styles

When choosing how to decorate your home, it can be overwhelming to discover various interior design styles. You want to be unique but also sophisticated. Thankfully, there are three styles that are unique but also cultured.  

French Country

When looking at the French country interior style, you will find it is a sophisticated blend of a few favorite styles, such as shabby chic, farmhouse, and traditional. You can identify this specific style by its antique furniture pieces, such as an updated version of the Louis VI chair that a Joybird customer service representative can help you find. Another identifier of French country is the blend of feminine and neutral designs standard in this style.


Considered one of the easiest interior design types, the Scandinavian style is easy to identify due to its light, airy, and organic layout. You can pinpoint this style by its white walls, cozy textiles, and large mirrors. It is also easily recognized by its layered fabrics, clean lines, textures, and class furniture. It is a relaxed look, and looking through Joybird reviews will help you find that perfect relaxing and inviting vibe that comes with the Scandinavian design style.


If you want a culturally rich interior design, you will want to look into the Mediterranean style. Influenced by countries such as Spain, Greece, and Italy, and is still the primary source of inspiration today. In this design, you can identify the Mediterranean type through the familiar arches, columns, and balconies.

Furniture is usually made with rich colored wood tones and has ornate features. At the same time, the colors typically emulate the sea and sky while also including warm colors such as terracotta and yellow. Typically, a home designed in the Mediterranean style also has large windows and sheer draperies to allow as much natural light into the home as possible. 

If you are looking for a cultured design in your home, French country, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean styles are the best choices.

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