Better Vapes are Here: What You Need to Know About CRD Products

The next level of vaping is here. Check out our article to see why CRD is leading to better, healthier, vapes for everyone.

In the past decade, CBD products have been on the rise to treat everything from joint pain to epilepsy. Vape products also came into prominence around the same period. It’s no wonder why one of the most popular ways people take their CBD is through vapes. 

But what if there were better vapes? 

Crystal-resistant distillate (or CRD) is a new type of vaping product that’s rapidly transforming the industry. Whether you’ve heard about this game-changer or not, this article will be your helpful guide to understanding CRD vape products. 

CRD Basics 

Now that you’ve read the name and understand that it stands for crystal-resistant distillate you probably have a question — what is CRD? There are a few important things to understand.

CBD’s Construction 

To understand CRD you need to understand a bit about CBD’s construction. CBD, at a molecular level, is a crystalline molecule, which means that it’s prone to reverting to its crystal form. (Just think about what happens to honey when it chrysalises.)

A crystallized batch of CBD is tough for your vape to vaporize. If the case is really bad, it can render the vape cartridge entirely unusable. If you’ve ever bought a vape cartridge that quickly went “bad”, or tried to use an old cartridge only to be disappointed, these cartridges may have been victims of recrystallization. 

To make matters worse, some manufacturers have resorted to adding additives to their vape products to prevent crystallization. As you can guess, these come with some serious health concerns. The last thing you want when using CBD as a medication is to end up causing yourself more problems. 

The CRD Solution 

CRD, as the name implies, is a type of CBD extract that is specifically designed to resist the process of recrystallization. This is done naturally, with the product consisting of only natural hemp-flower extract. CRD is also rich in other non-toxic cannabinoids, like CBG, which also have pain-relieving properties. 

Now that you know some of the basics of CRD, let’s take a deeper look at its design. 

CRD Design

CRD’s design is the crucial element in differentiating it from other CBD-related products. For a CBD product to wind up with crystallization-resistant properties, it first has to be distilled. This distillation process gets rid of almost all of the impurities that are found in hemp extract. 

This ensures you that CRD is just as potent and effective a product as any other CBD. You won’t be trading off the quality of vape to reap the benefits of CRD. 

You should also know that CRD products are designed especially for vaporization. Many other types of CBD are made generally, for use in various types of hemp products. The specialization CRD has for vapes makes using a CRD vape an experience tailored for your satisfaction. 

As stated before, CRD is rich in other non-toxic cannabinoids, like CBG, CBC, and CBC. Science shows that when these cannabinoids are used together, they can create an effect that’s greater than the sum of their parts. 

When it comes down to hard numbers, CRD shines. CRD allows manufacturers to make products that can go up to ninety days without recrystallization.

What this means is that hemp manufacturers will be able to push efforts to get their products out into the marketplace, and focus on quality, without having to worry about capitalization. It also means, of course, that you can buy vape cartridges in bulk and not worry about them going bad. 

Now that CBD is accepted by society, the industry must move forward in a way that ensures satisfaction for the customers. CRD is specially designed for customer satisfaction and is surely the way of the future for hem manufacturing. Speaking of which… 

CRD and the Future 

The introduction of CRD into the hemp economy means that the business will start rapidly changing. So what should you expect to change in the wake of the introduction of CRD? 

All evidence suggests that CRD will be a disruptor in the hemp industry. Just like the touch-screen in the phone industry and the digital camera in the photography industry, CRD will change the landscape. 

Many manufacturers will choose to ignore CRD at first, but as the popularity of CRD increases and more people start to understand the benefits, crystallization resistance will be impossible to ignore. Customers will slowly start to demand that their vape cartridges don’t turn into something that looks like someone’s science project. They’ll demand quality and manufacturers will have to respond. 

CRD is already such an innovative, helpful industry. It’s no doubt that CRD will rapidly transform it. By becoming an earlier adopter of CRD products, you’ll increase your vape experience as well as help to shuffle in the wave of the future. 

CRD isn’t just a good idea, it’s a game-changer. Within the next few years, it will most likely take over the hemp industry. 

Where to Get CRD Products

The one problem with CRD products is that since they’re relatively new, many manufacturers haven’t gotten to them yet. Some day soon you’ll have many options, but for now, you must pick a reliable company that can assure you a quality product. 

GVB Biopharma is a great option to go with because they were the first to bring CRD products to the market. Much of what we know about CRD comes from their extensive research. If you’re looking to buy, give them a shot, because they have some of the best private label vape pens on the market. 

CRD Means Better Vapes

Innovation means better products, and the hemp industry is no exception. The introduction of CRD into the marketplace will mean better vapes for anyone who needs them. 

Now that you understand the basics of CRD, CRD’s design, how CRD will affect the future, and where to get CRd products, nothing is stopping you from getting your CRD vape. Stay safe, and make sure you vape quality products.

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