5 Modern Home Entryway Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

Want to give your house a modern touch? Start with your entryway. Read on to discover trending modern home entryway ideas here.

Are you planning a partial or total home renovation soon?

The average American spends 90% of their time indoors. However, they aren’t always at home. If you want to make your home feel more welcoming and fresh, try a new and modern home entryway.

Below, we’ve got a list of five excellent modern entryway design ideas. Read on and use these as inspirations:

1. Create a Fenced-In Front Yard

The standard modern entryway exterior includes a fence, a path, and a healthy front lawn. It’s a safe and typical choice if you like the classic look. Add a stylish overhang and brick columns to enhance its appearance.

Adding a porch can also make space at the front of your home for furniture, like a porch swing. Home Remodeling experts can find a porch and overhang design best suited for the house. Also, add some furniture for lounging and relaxing.

2. Open up Your Entryway

Do you live in an apartment or lack a porch or front yard? Don’t let it stop you from creating a welcoming and modern entry foyer. A great strategy for a more spacious appearance is to open up the foyer.

An open layout includes having a high ceiling or emptying the foyer of bulky furniture. You have less wall space for your decor, but you’ll also have more breathing room. Align the space with benches, low bookcases, or stretching tables.

3. Improve Your Landscaping

Imagine adding a patch of flowers in front of your doorway. Instead of going straight, the pathway will go around the landscaping feature. You can even invoke a calming and cooling effect with a water feature added to your new modern home entryway.

4. Colorful Doors and House Front 

If you want a mid-century modern take, consider painting your front door with a bright color. Match the other front parts of the home with bright accent paints. Vibrant, bright, and neon colors make homes in hot climates look chic and refreshing.

Improve these colorful entryway ideas for the modern home with flowers. They’re also great alternatives if you can’t commit to painting your house in neon colors. To find matching colors, use a color palette with a mix of bright and neutral or dark colors.

5. Add a Walkway to Your Front Door

If you’re tired of the typical open lawn and steps going up a porch, install a walkway leading right to your door. It can be wooden pallets on soil, stones in water, or bark mulch with flowers.

For aesthetic and safety, consider installing lights to guide you down the path at night. Regardless, this entryway for modern home designs works for all types of houses. Depending on the design and materials, it can offer a new take on classical home design.

Find the Best Modern Home Entryway Best Suited for Your Style

First impressions last, especially when it’s the front of your home and entryway. We hope these five modern home entryway ideas helped you get the best for your home.

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